A beautiful stripper hires renowned criminals to exact revenge on those who raped her in her motel room.

A beautiful stripper hires renowned criminals to exact revenge on those who raped her in her motel room. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jane G (es) wrote: a gentle comedy about Gaza, filmed in Malta apparently, very funny in places, very optimistic though. I liked all the pig stuff (why are pigs in films always so good?) and I liked the Israeli soldier sitting down with the Palestinian woman on the roof of whose house he was stationed to watch Brazilian soaps. Not sure about the disabled break-dancers though. Lightweight, but when else did we see a film set in Gaza. It's not like we can GO there after all.

Rodney R (fr) wrote: Horror all the way. Suicides, old school scary, dark religious beliefs, if you like that well you'll probly really really love this movie

Priya P (mx) wrote: A less than humorous cultural comedy with mediocre acting.

Bruno M (fr) wrote: I dont even know why im reviewing this. One afternoon, me and my friends went to the cinema and choose to watch this. There was nothing better showing, i guess. What can I say? In the end well agreed this movie was crap, we only laughed at his stupidity. What a disaster. This serves neither to eat popcorn.

Chad K (es) wrote: at times I wondered why I was still watching this movie, but yet I couldn't pull myself away.

Desiree T (mx) wrote: Love this movie it's my life and it's Puerto Rican I'm Puerto Rican ??'<

tom w (it) wrote: really awesome film. great story line and ders some pretty good graffiti in it too

Kaitie D (es) wrote: Cheesy and completely over-the-top, but that's the whole point and it definitely gives the soap opera feel. A good movie if all you want is some dated, mindless fun.

Gee S (au) wrote: best 80s dance movie

Tor M (de) wrote: My second Bergman piece is one sad trip. Devastating stuff with amazing acting from Ullmann - maybe the best acting I have ever seen - she would have deserved that Oscar more than any. Ingrid Bergman is also very solid here - in her last theatrical film appearance. The story is down to earth and I like the fact that the characters talk to themselves sometimes - it makes us know more about them. Great dialogue and emotions all over and with it's great presence you can feel the tension - you are there in the same room.Simple, honest and, I recon, very personal film with many great scenes. Impressively most of them are just close up faceshots - amazing. Emotionally intense stuff, devastating and dark stuff. A must see if you are into that kind of films or if you just really like movies that will stay with you. Hauntingly powerful, real, well written, well acted and well presented.Identify it, feel sad with it, feel pain with it, admire it.9 out of 10 family intrigues.

modestguitarist (es) wrote: So fucking shit could not get past the first 20 minutes

Puddy T (br) wrote: This movie is a horrible crap tastic cliche of borrowed idea's from many romantic comedy's.The acting is forced and makes me feel uncomfortable at times and could have been allot better with this caliber of star power but just falls FLAT....

Noah C (mx) wrote: This film was just terrific in every way. Jesse Eisenberg plays his usual insecure character and pulls this one off better than times in the past. The laughs in this movie were often and the jokes were well timed terrifically. But a 25%? Critics are just getting jaded these days.