The police suspect that a drug and forced-prostitution ring is behind the recent spate of kidnappings and disappearances, but so far they've been unable to infiltrate the suspects gang. To break the case, they recruit Ginger, a young woman from an upper-class family to act as bait for the kidnappers and hopefully lead the police to their hideout. It may sound like a foolproof plan to the police, but Ginger's the one who has to risk it all.

A rich society girl is recruited to go undercover and expose a drug/blackmail/prostitution ring in her small town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ginger torrent reviews

Andy C (ag) wrote: Cool documentary for Alice and music fans in general. Learned a lot about Alice Cooper that I didn't know. Enjoyed the rock history lesson.

Alejandro C (ca) wrote: Es incomprensible que esta pelcula exista

Gianni V (us) wrote: I'm a sucker for sad romances, and I simply loved this one, which is also beautifully filmed on location in Amsterdam. Jun Ji-hyun is fantastic: she's mute for 80% of the film, and she conveys everything through her eyes.

Phi N (fr) wrote: What a good husband... movie was definitely too slow.

Mark S (es) wrote: As always a classic. coming of age meets coming out with poor family dynamics of the times.

jay n (it) wrote: Terrible junk that is low rent in every category. Abysmal special effects, a script that is pratically incoherent, and great, good and bad actors all going down with the ship mostly because the characters they play make absolutely no sense. Avoid this if at all possible.

Muhammed S (au) wrote: Awesome classic hammer. More on mystery and suspense than horror but a very cool movie for a late night watch!

Karsh D (us) wrote: Gave this an extra star as classic horror actress Maria Ouspenskaya was in it. Otherwise a rather tepid Tarzan adventure

Paul K (es) wrote: Spike Jonze does AI. This is the guy that directed 'Being John Malkovich', among other surreal offerings, and stylistically it's related. This is a world where everyone is wired in all the time. It explores the loneliness and alienation that this can lead to, and looks in a light way at the fears that many pundits are currently expressing about machine intelligence. The ultimate question: what use are humans if machines can control their own destinies? There are a couple of short shots of small detail here, where 'reality' breaks into this virtual connectedness: steam emerging from a street grating, dust motes glittering in sunlight. These are the small things that denote consciousness. A good movie of its genre, although its concerns are narrow focus.

Joseph H (nl) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Raji K (fr) wrote: Milos Forman directs Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Nicholson is Randle McMurphy, a man who has been deemed criminally insane and placed in an asylum. The staff believes he is simply faking it to get out of work duties as prison. As McMurphy interacts with the patients he becomes a favorite among them, much to the chagrin of the lead Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). As the film progresses he opens up with Chief Bromden (Will Sampson) and his willingness to talk and be upfront with the patients become more therapeutic than the staff ever could. Featuring an excellent cast, and a terrific performance by Nicholson, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is enjoyable to watch from start to finish. Each scene makes you route for the patients and their recovery and against Nurse Ratched's intentions. Louise Fletcher was excellent at Nurse Ratched as you hate her icy stares, and feeble attempts to help patients that are more destructive than good, but cant' help but think she thinks she is doing the best she can as well. The film is quite iconic and well deserves the Oscar nominations and wins it acquired, which was Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay.