Ginger and Cinnamon

Ginger and Cinnamon

When Stefania breaks up with her boyfriend Andrea, little does she realize what the summer has in store for her. She winds up on vacation at a Greek resort 'isle of love' with her 14 year ...

When Stefania breaks up with her boyfriend Andrea, little does she realize what the summer has in store for her. She winds up on vacation at a Greek resort 'isle of love' with her 14 year ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ginger and Cinnamon torrent reviews

joe F (ag) wrote: I'm so Scared and Stupid! I Can't Watch this again.

Cyrille C (fr) wrote: un tres bon documentaire qui devient un joli film avec une veritable histoire contee... on y apprend plein de choses sur cet univers

Torion O (fr) wrote: A thief with a certain bone structure that makes him a Kung Fu master. I had fun with this.

Donna F (br) wrote: Very well done. Knowing the lead actor died immediately after filming makes it particularly poignant.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: A documentary that charts the bizarre and shallow aspirations of a bunch of New York drag queens who do battle on the dance floor. This they do by voguing, that stylised dance craze that never really amounted to a great deal in the early 90s. This is a fascinating glimpse into a subculture that deals in a fantasy of glamour while actually living in a rather grubbier reality. No one seems particularly happy or fulfilled unless competing for oversized, plastic trophies while wearing designer clothing during competitions in the various dance halls. The characters are larger than life but seem destined to disappointment as they talk about their hopes and unrealistic dreams. The documentary highlights the constant human desire for the better life but for this cast of characters the viewer really gets the distinct impression that the writing is on the wall and all that awaits them is an old age of ever thicker foundation and more outrageous eyelashes as they transform into the very thing they are all terrified of becoming. A case of the butterfly turning into the caterpillar.

bill s (de) wrote: A character driven movie with no sense of self.

Laura B (es) wrote: I remember watching this movie when I was younger with my family and falling in love with it. It's a movie that I'll never forget, great for all ages. Based on the age old story of a boy becoming a man but with a new take. Full of adventure that will thrill your young children and amuse yourself and your teens.

Adam R (es) wrote: The trouble with this movie is that it is as dead as Harry is. It's a boring film that only devoted Hitchcock fans should bother with. (First and only viewing - 1/13/2012)

Mike A (fr) wrote: Not much of a plot, great songs though.

Nick C (kr) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen !!!

Ken S (nl) wrote: Interesting and weird, this film is based on the Urban Legend that a young Japanese girl went to the Midwest of America and died searching for the money Buscemi buried at the end of the Coen Bros. film "Fargo." Of course, the reality is that the real girl's death had nothing to do with the movie, she actually had committed suicide. But much like the movie that served as inspiration for our main charactr and obviously to the filmmakers...the idea of the "True Story" is not as essential as the quality of a unique story they wished to tell. Now, this isn't "Fargo," but it is a pretty cool unique film that doesn't look or feel like most films I've seen out lately. Even if it isn't the best film at least it has that going for it.

Jon P (nl) wrote: Pier Paolo Pasolini breathes barnyard caricatures and cartoonish charm into Geoffrey Chaucer's classic Canterbury Tales, the second feature in the director's 'Trilogy of Life'. Pasolini's maxims may not be as clear-cut as they were in his adaptation of The Decameron, but his sophomore effort is certainly no less fun, and no less audacious.Highlights include lascivious students using "lights-out" to their advantage, Ninetto Davoli doing a bit of Charlie Chaplin, and a bizarro depiction of hell, which sees Friars farted full-speed out of Satan's backside. Fans of the poet-filmmaker hybrid will be in their element.