Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa

A look at the lives of two teenage girls - inseparable friends Ginger and Rosa -- growing up in 1960s London as the Cuban Missile Crisis looms, and the pivotal event the comes to redefine their relationship.

A look at the lives of two teenage girls - inseparable friends Ginger and Rosa -- growing up in 1960s London as the Cuban Missile Crisis looms, and the pivotal event the comes to redefine their relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (es) wrote: I can't believe critics and audiences didn't like it. It's really amusing.

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Jonathan R (fr) wrote: A typically well-directed film by Ford, but full of clunky stereotypes, which, if revolutionary in their own day, are tired in ours. Wayne is quite good, and the zany sergeants bring a zesty balance to Ford's sometimes too overbearing performance as the dark and serious colonel, but the social criticism just wasn't insightful.

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