Giovannona Coscialunga disonorata con onore

Giovannona Coscialunga disonorata con onore

A new judge closes a cheese factory for pollution; its owner, La Noce, bribes a monsignor who points him toward an official who might fix it. La Noce needs leverage and discovers the ...

A new judge closes a cheese factory for pollution; its owner, La Noce, bribes a monsignor who points him toward an official who might fix it. La Noce needs leverage and discovers the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giovannona Coscialunga disonorata con onore torrent reviews

Daniel T (mx) wrote: That was about the most ridiculous movie I have seen since the smog monster VS Godzilla

Adam S (ru) wrote: Negri is appropriately exotic as she ruins poor Harry Liedtke's life with her gypsy spell. A Lubitsch epic just a tad over 60 minutes.

John B (ag) wrote: Ken Loach brings us the British view of the Iraqi war..a topic done to death by the Americans. He mostly succeeds although it feels as though it could have been wrapped up a lot sooner in order to save us from non essential dramatic pieces.

Michael G (ag) wrote: First you will be looking through your on demand on your television, trying to find something to do. You see "Opposite Day" and think, "Hey! The biggest star in this movie is Pauly Shore, this could funny to laugh at!" But that could be the biggest fucking mistake of your life. After viewing Opposite Day you will feel not only like you wasted 97 minutes of your life, but 8 entire life times. If you are a cat, you will be lucky to have one left over. Clearly anyone who says that this is a good movie was drunk, high, and tripping their balls off. Sometimes you feel pathetic because you did nothing at all in one day, but this will clearly take the cake. The kids are shitty actors, and they can't cast a kid for shit. The ginger kid who looks like Ron Weasley with down syndrome has a voice deeper than Barry White's and he's supposed to be 6? Bull shit. I wish to give this movie a "zero" but that is kind of impossible. I would feel more accomplished from sitting around listening to Whale Songs for an hour. Oh wait, I am doing that. And I feel much better about this than wasting 97 more minutes of shit.

Kyle Y (nl) wrote: I thought this would just be another independent, foreign film that would drag on with long shots and little dialogue, and in fact this was the case technically. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed this film.The soundtrack, the superb acting, the beautiful cinematography, and the interesting storyline all resonated strongly with me from the very start.It was interesting to see the different time periods and phases that Taiwan underwent. The movie moved from the southern city of Gaoxiong in the '60s up through central Taiwan until it concluded with Taipei in the modern era. The only criticism I have for this film was that during the part set in Dadaocheng in 1911, I found it to be a bit stifling and slow. I think the silent movie style worked but it was just too slow.The last part ("Time for Youth") was interesting because it is set in Taipei in year 2005 but Taipei and the people shown appear exactly as they do now in present-day, 2008. From the gaudy lights and congested traffic of Taipei to its social ills and issues, they all seem to be nearly the same. Lesbian/ bisexual relationships, suicides, social life, etc. all appear in line with Taipei now.I think the director portrays Taiwan realistically as only a native resident of Taiwan could. I think only those who have lived previously or are living in Taipei now can fully appreciate this film. For all others, it would still be an interesting social critique film or a beautiful love story but they would still fail to grasp the full impact that the setting has on this film. The cities and time periods of Taiwan undoubtedly are an intrinsic part of this film and give it a characteristic ambiance.

Nathan T (it) wrote: A few interesting and funny moments, but they are very few and far between. This is the slowest-moving movie I've ever seen

Charles P (au) wrote: Director David O. Russell makes a sympathetic, entertaining movie about the horrors of war, while seamlessly adding heart, satire, and action like a pro.

Dave S (us) wrote: Sure there were a lot of vampire movies in the 80s, but I think this is the only one with Grace Jones doing an avant garde striptease while dressed like the offspring of Lady Gaga and Ronald McDonald. This is a decent way to pass the time but it's not surprising that it's sort of forgotten - not enough Jones, kind of slow, a really irritating Gedde Watanabe. It's incredibly 80s, though - they never met a light they couldn't put a neon pink or green gel over.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Delightfully subversive.

Walker F (kr) wrote: One of the best movies ever made