Gippi is a coming-of-age story of an ordinary, overweight girl, who, through the course of the film, learns to love herself for exactly who she is. It is also a tale of an underdog, who picks herself up from nothing and finds herself at the top of her own little world.

Gippi is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Simla with her mother Pappi and little brother Booboo. She is overweight and awkward and doesn't know how to handle the physical, emotional and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie R (fr) wrote: This isn't a bad movie but it isn't real great either. It is obviously dubbed which would have improved the movie a lot. The voices they use sound so non descriptive and staged. The story is relatively predictable but has a few good scares in it. The love the goodies - kill the baddies is alive and well in this film. The lead character, Katrine, is so likeable despite the fact that she is a bit awkward to watch. The ending set up well for a sequel.

Kathrin S (nl) wrote: In the beginning it was a bit boring, but started to get funny when the two strong main characters met...

(br) wrote: Simpatican francki filmcic ;)

Sebastian D (nl) wrote: I liked the casting list but the movie itself is so so.

Amy M (br) wrote: Silly and stupid. I laughed at the inappropriate moments but also had a rather big insight into where The Book of Mormon production came from. .

Drew G (ca) wrote: Goood movie, I havent seen it in years but I remember watching it all the time growing up

Eric R (au) wrote: The testosterone fueled 1967 World War II classic "The Dirty Dozen" is one of my all time favorite movies, not only as a "men on a mission" war film but just as an overall film in general. It had all a man could want in a chest bulging film with dream cast lead by the ever reliable Lee Marvin. Though the film was a huge success it's still hard to imagine that filmmakers 20 years later decided to make a sequel. It just seems far too long to make a follow-up not to mention it's give the ultimate preconceived death of being 'made-for-TV". Not only did they wait twenty freaking years, they made it for freaking TV guaranteeing this long-awaited sequel is going to DOA. Due to its TV made nature I actually refused to watch it for years but finally decided to go into it free of expectations and you know what, for a TV movie, it actually wasn't all that bad.Despite the extra wrinkles and weight around our returning characters faces and waists, the plot of this decades year later sequel takes place not lot long after the original with Lee Marvin in trouble again. Ernest Borgnine gives Marvin another deal... if he takes in another Dirty Dozen behind enemy lines to complete a nearly impossible mission, the prisoners along with him get their criminal records wiped free.Lee Marvin, despite his age, is still as tough as ever but his appearance does bring some unintentional laughs when watched back-to-back with the first film. This war has seriously taken its toll on him as he looks like he's aged twenty years (considering the plot only takes place shortly after the first film)! Borgnine has packed on a few pounds and his character has mellowed a bit. Richard Jaekel also makes an appearance rounding out our three original actors to return.The rest of the cast is made of some real likeable character actors. What's great about this sequel is playing 'spot the actor' as you recognize nearly all of the dirty dozen from other films, such as Sonny Landham ("Predator", "48 Hrs"), Ken Wahl ("Wiseguy", "The Soldier"), Gavan O'Herlihy ("Death Wish 3", "Never Say Never Again"), among others. The secondary cast is all well picked to ensure the film will be likeable from an actor standpoint.Director Andrew V. McLaglen is a veteran of many theatrical mediocre action films and he does what he can with the limited resources of a TV-made-production but it still has a rather hallow look about it. He still manages to craft some good action sequences which was a surprise. What he can't save is the rather hum-drum script about assassinating an assassin to kill Hitler (don't ask).The film lacks the character development and theatrical look of the original, but all that aside this actually isn't a horrible made-for-TV sequel. Just make sure you remember that it's 'made-for-TV' or else you will be tremendously disappointed but it kept my attention for its hour and a half running time, a definite feat for a TV made movie. I still wish there would have been enough interest to make this a theatrical feature as I would have loved to rejoin the Dirty Dozen for another big budget epic but alas that never happened. "Dirty Dozen 2" did draw enough viewers on TV that two more sequels would follow: "Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission" and "The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission". This sequel can be found as a bonus feature on the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD release of the original film, stuck on the second disc, treated as if it's some dirty little secret. Dig it out, it's worth a watch at least one time.

(jp) wrote: This was a surprisingly annoying and unfunny movie, this would've gotten 1 or 1 and a half stars if it weren't for the decent and nicely done 15 minute ending, this was not a good movie at all, and I wouldn't watch it again. -_- and I say all this because it wasn't original one bit, maybe some of it was, but it was just another out of place movie.

Petros T (it) wrote: A special film in Chaplin's filmography: possibly his most dramatic one (the comic reliefs are few and far between) and with no role for the man himself (his leading lady at the time, Edna Purviance, stars as the woman of the title). The complex characterization (no black-or-white) makes this a realistic testament to the inner battles of a young lady who keeps being let down by the people around her and by herself. The eventual march to awareness is unadorned enough to consider this a winner.

Carley C (es) wrote: A movie I can watch over and over again without hesitation.

Gabrielle H (au) wrote: Witty, creative and funny. Kim Novak does an excellent performance as usual.

AJ G (jp) wrote: Being a genre film fan, a child of the 80's AND a fan of hard rock music...this movie holds a special place in my heart. It has everything you could want in a supernatural movie: action, great special effects (for 1986) and a guitar wailing glam- rock soundtrack. It certainly was THE movie for all the heavy metal fans at the time. I didn't see this at the cinema because it was never released theatrically over here...but it's popularity on video during the mid to late eighties secured it's cult status and eventually led to a (sadly, mediocre) DVD release in 2002. If you're not a fan of creepy movies or rock music then this probably isn't your cup of tea...but, trust me, there are worse films of this type out there...and, despite average acting and some outrageously ridiculous situations, Trick or Treat is most definitely a wailing riff above the usual horror fare. You'll never look at your stereo the same way again. Or should I say your iPod?

Michelle S (au) wrote: Some decent scares for a PG-13 film, but not a great film.

Derrick M (mx) wrote: Good story, well acted with some worthwhile but not over the top effects. We watched the directors cut edition which has an extended finish with a bit of moralistic anti war drum beating. Still on the list, though!

adam b (kr) wrote: A rather strong case against capital punishment. It's a shockingly sad story played out brilliantly in this film, Richard Attenborough as John Christie is terrifying.