Muriel moves from a small village to the big city of Brussels, hoping to start an independent life working as a museum guide. She rents a room from Laura, who has a room to spare now that her mother is in hospital. Laura is a vital and candid woman who has a child-wish but leads a very chaotic life. Meanwhile, Muriel's mother has a hard time accepting that her daughter leads a life of her own now, and she also faces some changes at the factory where she works. The movie follows the interconnected lifes of these three women of three different generations, who all face different problems.

A young girl moves to the big city, hoping to start an independent life working as a museum guide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damien F (au) wrote: I really liked this film; I mean I really liked it. It's not just that there were club scenes and I don't get all any more; the picture perfect cast, the acting, comedic smarts, and great script were fab, too. This is a self-aware screwball comedy that works.

Ken D (jp) wrote: Sgisball is for people who don't mind slow-paced artistic films. It's visually stimulating, raw and unique.

Simone S (au) wrote: I very much like Mark Dacascos and Billy Zane, so to see them together in a movie I was totally happy...then I watched the movie and was pretty dissapointed. Sigh... But I guess the title should've gave it away...well you can't please them all right?

Tom R (it) wrote: good one but the end could have been more thrilling

DC E (jp) wrote: "Dear Frankie" 10 Scale Rating: 7.5 ( Very Good) ...I had sworn off Gerard Butler movies after a series of duds, but the wife requested this one from NetFlix. Shockingly enough, it ended up being a really good movie.Fleeing from an abusive husband, Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) and her deaf son Frankie (Jack McElhone) are constantly on the move. Rather than tell her son the horrible truth about his father, she tells him that he is a sailor on a vessel that is sailing all over the world. To keep the lie going, she sends Frankie letters from his "dad" and he writes back, unaware that he is actually corresponding with his own mother. When the vessel she chose ends up being real and docking in the town they live in, Lizzie decides to hire a sailor to pretend to be Frankie's father for a few days. Things become complicated when the man takes a liking to Frankie ...It starts off slow and I thought it was another dud, but it really picks up once Butler's character comes into the picture. Little is known about him, but Butler plays the mysterious stranger with a heart of gold perfectly.As you watch this movie, you sit and hope there is a happy ending. It is the sort of movie that MUST have one or you'll be disappointed. Obviously, I am not going to tell you if it does, but the ending was great either way. Unexpectedly good movie.

Rob (de) wrote: the gift of good luck. what a curse. funny as hell with heart and a little bit of italian mafia thrown in make this one of my top 5 movies of all time. danny aiello and anthony lapaglia are outstanding with performances they were born to play

stefn birgir s (ca) wrote: Jacksons short film slash music video. Directed by John Landis, with a voiceover by the brilliantly voiced Vincent Price. Fun, great, iconic.

Drew C (kr) wrote: When a pair of siamese twins don't really want to be separated, you have the basis for an epic horror plot. Basket Case is a trilogy that tells the tale of Duane Bradly and his meant to be discarded brother Belial. Once separated, Belial immediately attacks and tears the face off of the Doctor performing the separation. From their Duane hides his deformed mutant brother in a large wicker basket and they disappear into the city. Expect a lot of laughs as most of the death scenes are constantly voted to be the Best/Worst/Funniest and the plot is marvelous in its simplicity.

Panos Y (mx) wrote: It starts off very promising, but then just relies on the two actors to pull some face or joke out of the gag plot. A missed chance.

Paul D (fr) wrote: As much as I love Olivia Cooke (and she did great in this movie), I just felt that this movie had pacing issues. I know lots of people seemed to like it, but it just felt very slow to me at times. The cast does very well with the material though.

Carlos Javier P (mx) wrote: Otra pelcula asquerosa de Nicolas Cage, fe perdida de lleno. Tantas cosas malas no pueden ser enumeradas.

Delicate I (gb) wrote: If you're a reflective introvert I recommend it. I loved it. If you're r adhd, extrovert then it may be a little slow going for you.

Kevin V (ag) wrote: Very good horror film