Girl Fight

A video of an assault on a teenager surfaces on the Internet.

A video of an assault on a teenager surfaces on the Internet

Girl Fight is a funny movie of Benita Garvin. This movie was introduced in 2011. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Anne Heche, James Tupper, Jodelle Ferland, Tess Atkins, Keely Purvis, Genevieve Buechner, Taylor Hui, Caley Dimmock, Linda Darlow, Chanelle Peloso, Lanette Ware, Lucy Jeffrey, Max Lloyd-Jones, Rady Panov, Michael Tiernan. The kind of movie are Drama. This movie was rated by 6.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

B D (mx)

nd no, it's not Miyazaki!. . . Great animation movie! It made me reconnect to the child that I was and probably still is in a way. It's age-old but still fresh, light but still deep in a simple and luminous way

Bojana G (gb)

arount the world in 80 days

Caesar B (ca)

Joe Dante has fun with his premise and Bruce Dern steals the show

Carlos M (kr)

Ice Cube has no talent as a writer (nor much as an actor) but did find who would want to direct this crappy stoner comedy that feels like the worst and most unfunny sitcom ever, plagued with awful actors (Chris Tucker is unbearable), painful gags and stereotypes instead of characters

Ellen C (br)

I also love Romeo and Juliet, its so romantic two people willing to die together for love :fresh: [/COLOR]. Its such a romantic story I also love the fairies and the costumes and makeup. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]I love William Shakespear play the Midsummer Nights Dream especially the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart and etc

Faisal M (it)

verall shit!. . first half was funny second half was shit

Michael D (jp)

Best golfing movie (minus Tin Cup)

Todd A (au)

A solid survival movie with great connection to the PTSD of american soldiers after vietnam

Yajaira S (mx)

What can I say, I do love stupid, non-sensical movies at times. It's stupid, but it surprisingly funny at times