Girl Hell 1999

Girl Hell 1999


The story of an innocent woman called Misaki. Her mother is gone and her sister is disabled from a car accident. Her father sexually molests the two girls and Misaki and her and a friend turn to prostitution. It is only a matter of time before Misaki reaches breaking point. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Girl Hell 1999 torrent reviews

Tiger J (fr) wrote: sniper thrills and frills with arrows

Coralie P (ca) wrote: Great romantic comedy with enough blokiness in it to keep the guys watching as well .. great movie for everyone a must look at

Michael B (kr) wrote: there are few movies of this type. The fight scenes are pretty solid, but it lacked the backing and SFX to make it super special. Also some of the casting choices and make-up could have been better. All in all not bad, in fact enjoyable but thats it.

Jay H (gb) wrote: Moderately interesting, and the local appeal certainly doesn't hurt.

Bill R (gb) wrote: Not much of a comedy but it did have it's moments. Overall it was really good.

Claire T (kr) wrote: it was an ok movie but it could have been better, I don't want to see it again, it was ok but it could have been better, it starred Chris Elliott, Iggy Pop, Mark Webber, Chevy Chase, Josh Peck and Zena Grey

JY S (it) wrote: Peppermint Candy is a film that is all about character development and if you like this type of drama you will enjoy this movie.The span of the plot takes place from 1979-1999. Let me rephrase that. The span of the plot takes place from 1999-1979. Yes, the twenty years of one man's life is told in 130 minutes and in reverse order. It all starts in 1999 with the demise of our main character, Yong-Ho. As the film progresses, or reverses, you get to see how Yong-Ho ends up the way he does.The nice thing about the storytelling is the fact that you get to see not only the change in Korea, but the change in character for Yong-Ho. A lot does happen in 20 years after all. On the flip side, there is nothing really eventful, with the exception of the 1980 segment near the ending. If you are not able to appreciate the slow burn drama, this will be a huge bore. Believe me when I say that 2+ hours of this doesn't fly by.The soundtrack is mellow and appropriate while the camerawork is professional. Both of these help with the success of this film.Kyung-gu Sol heads the film and does a nice job at changing personalities from the beginning to the end. The 2 female leads, So-ri Moon and Yeo-jin Kim, do good jobs as well.Peppermint Candy takes a nice approach with the storytelling and it deserves the attention that it gets. Too bad it isn't exciting enough for someone like me.

Shellie R (mx) wrote: this was a lot more serious & deep than I expected! not so much comedy, more of a coming-of-age, right vs. wrong kind of story - definitely worth watching!

Eduardo S (ag) wrote: la idea es buensima pero es ms para un corto

Moriah F (es) wrote: Just....what the fuck?

Aaron N (it) wrote: A wonderful film about a world where you're either a hunter or a victim. It's our outlet for human violence instead of wars.

Sylvester K (it) wrote: Oh God, this Z-movie still bored me even after the MST3K intervention. The plot was very stupid, basically a guy had to join a frat house by stealing a ring from a corpse. Yeh, that's it.

Adam D (gb) wrote: A fair to good B western nice horses save movie

Chris S (es) wrote: This film has been criticized as being racist, but I'm not so sure about that. It showed harmony between whites and blacks during Reconstruction (even though it may be historically inaccurate). Plus, Uncle Remus is just such a lovable character!

Ryan W (us) wrote: The film is pretty boring for most of the time saved only by Jessica Alba's body

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