Girl House

Girl House

An attractive young college student who needs money for tuition moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website. After a deranged fan hacks in to determine the house's ...

The movie is about a pervert murderer. He is obsessive about Kyie - a girl works for Girlhouse - a famous erotic website. After being excited by the pain of past and present, he comes to website’s headquarter and murders all people in there by the most pervert and cruel way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Girl House torrent reviews

Igor A (ca) wrote: Zlatna Palma vo Kan 2013

James H (nl) wrote: Why?! Oh God why?!?!?!

Noname (ag) wrote: This is a sequel to the first "Waiting" and that movie was pretty good with Ryan Reynolds. The story continues with the goofy employments at the Shenaniganz restaurant. Ryan is not back this time which is a major letdown but some actors are back. Its not as good as the first flick but it has some funny moments and nice girls atleast. Overall an average B flick comedy.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Beautiful music, beautiful movie.

Private U (nl) wrote: Ellen Page is sooo cute in this movie. It's unlike any role I've seen her play so it was kinda surprising. The movie is ok, kind of slow.

Forrest G (kr) wrote: Jim VanBebber's debut should be seen by anyone with a love for action cinema. Shot in the gritty style of drive-in greats like Roger Corman and Al Adamson, this revenge story made me want to see everything JVB's made. check out his Manson Family, too.

Matt G (es) wrote: This is one of the best acted, most moving, perfect pieces of cinema I've ever encountered. Emotional honesty, reactionary dialogue alive with humor and vulnerability, and those bipolar waves of human emotion common seemingly only in a Cassavetes film. But there's something else here. A very brave lack of redemption for its characters. Only realizations. Deep, profound, scathing with the pain of one's own mortality. Gazzara, Falk, and Cassavetes all deliver such distinct emotional journeys, and the camera is close to them the entire time, as close as a camera can get sometimes. And there's not a moment of flashiness in it. It's just humble, brilliant, human moments. What more does one need?

MF J (ca) wrote: This film is beautiful and very well done. amazingly shot and extremely modern in it's technique at times, this Indian film is considered one of the most influential and popular film in the history of film making. The traveling shots and camera movement are way ahead of their time but Satyajit Ray true talent is in the story telling of the daily life of a poor family struggling to make end's meet. Some characters are phenomenal like the old aunty who's quite a character and incarnate the timeless Indian elder, part wise and part malicious but forever so present in the life of the family. Every character in this film is painted wonderfully and the film real strength is to slowly have the young Apu becoming the central character in the story. Highly symbolic and very well thought, this film is purely and simply a masterpiece from the Indian world. A fantastic depiction of the daily life of a regular Bengalese family in 1955.

Pasi Y (es) wrote: Eplooginen ja typer juoni, toimintakohtaukset surkeita ja niit on liian vhn, Van Damme aivan sivuroolissa, ja yliptns leffa on pohjamutaluokan kasariksniksi liian vakavamielinen ja laahaava. Noh, takaa-ajokohtaus Datsunilla ja Ladalla on aika omaperinen omalla tavallaan.

William A H (au) wrote: Best acting by a child ever.

daniel m (kr) wrote: Jesus Shuttlesworth played by real life hoop star ray allen feels pressure from everywhere on where to go to collage. When you are #1 prospect you get agents, hoes, $, coaches , family all in your face trying to influence you. In this spike lee film the hoop star's dad (denzel Washington) is released for a short time and promised more freedom if he can get Jesus to go where the warden prefers. Ya dig washington or b-ball , must watch :)

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by William Wyler (Mrs. Miniver (1942), The Big Country (1958) and Ben-Hur (1959)), this is a bubbly and light romantic crime-comedy, with some good chemistry between it's stars and a good cast to boot. It's also a good time piece, showing how heist films were done back in the days before thieves resorted to using computers and mobile phones, the old fashioned way was best. In Paris, Nicole Bonnet (Audrey Hepburn) lives with her father Charles Bonnet (Hugh Griffith), who is an art forger. His home is filled with lots of forged artworks like Van Gogh's, and a forged statue of Venus, and the latter is loaned out to a museum in Paris. One night, Nicole catches English thief Charles Bonnet (Peter O'Toole) trying to steal one of the Van Gogh's her father forged, she sends him packing. But, when American art collector Leland Davis (Eli Wallach) comes to Paris wishing to acquire the statue, Nicole worries that her father will be exposed as an arts forger. But, Nicole asks Charles for help, to try and steal back the statue, but security at the museum is high with regular patrols, but Charles has a way to get the statue. It's a good, fun film even if the actual heist goes on for far too long. It has a good cast, and Hepburn is beautiful as always, and O'Toole is charming and suave as the thief, with Hugh Griffith having fun as the forger father, and Eli Wallach as the posh arts dealer, plus it has a light caperish score by John Williams, predating what he would do with Catch Me If You Can.

Davin G (gb) wrote: I had a blast playing this game on Nintendo waaaay back.