Girl in Trouble

Bored farmer's daughter sets out to make it in the big city. She gets mixed up with freaks, perverts and degenerates and winds up a stripper in New Orleans.

She gets mixed up with freaks, perverts and degenerates and winds up a stripper in New Orleans. Bored farmer's daughter sets out to make it in the big city

Girl in Trouble is a funny movie of Anthony Naylor, Brandon Chase. The released year of this movie is 1963. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Tammy Clarke, Ray Menard, Neiomi Salitech, Larry Johnson, Martin Smith, Bettina Johnson, Charles Murphy, Jay Houck, L. Foster Rouse, C.F. Counce, Marie Cananaugh. The kind of movie are Drama. This movie was rated by 5.3 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Adam B (jp)

Quite intense and original, but also slightly boring

Alex M (ag)

It's undoubtedly beautiful and has adequate heart, but it's not nearly as compelling as Miyazaki's later works

Andy P (es)

The first in Alfred Hitchcock's "limited setting" movies, Lifeboat is a minor entry in Hitchcock's film canon but is a very competent melodrama with well-written characters played brilliantly

Arturo P (de)

he rest of the movie is such a bore!!!. The best parts are when they get on the island and the end

Chad B (kr)

Tennant's unique and entrancing performance makes this excellent and polished production incredibly memorable

Eunice C (au)


Harry W (ca)

It's not really my sort of thing. It doesn't appeal to mainstream audiences that's for sure, but that isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately, Gattaca is so uber-stylish and incredibly in depth that it very exclusive and kind of pretentious at times. Gattaca is a gorgeously realised sci-fi romance that is so extremely tense that it borders on uncomfortably erotic at times, with Uma Thurman's stony gaze and glaring eyes boring right out of the screen and Ethan Hawke's smoulderingly adjusted return to this being an example of perfect casting in a film

Joel L (nl)

Some scenes were a little ridiculous. I enjoyed it and thats all that matters

John H (mx)

Rubbish Ricky gervais ruins it

Ken S (gb)

it is a comically loving tribute. . . It is my favorite kind of parody, one that isn't being cruel to the works it is laughing at and with. Brooks was not only a fan of Hitch, but had become a friend, and the film is dedicated to the Master of Suspense. Brooks is in fine form co-writing, producing, directing and starring in this film that takes comical looks at Hitch's work with both direct scene parodies, and with more general concepts that make fun of the elements of your standard Hitchcock work. Now this isn't as good and dead on a parody as "Young Frankenstein", but it is really hard to come as close to a masterpiece as that film is. Mel Brooks last good film in the 70s, "High Anxiety", parodies Hitchcock in loving fashion, in much the same way that "Young Frankenstein" both laughed at, with and paid homage to the classic Universal Monster films