Girl Meets Boy

Girl Meets Boy

Looking for inspiration, a wild LA Musician and buttoned up novelist (Ben Savage) will unexpectedly end up double booked at a remote cabin retreat. Girl Meets Boy movie Sparks will fly when this odd couple is trapped together looking to beat writers block under the watchful eye of their nosy neighbors. Starring Ben Savage, Anna Pheil and Jake Busey, Girl Meets Boy is a romantic tale of how to find love where you least expect it.

Looking for inspiration, a wild LA Musician and buttoned up novelist (Ben Savage) will unexpectedly end up double booked at a remote cabin retreat. Sparks will fly when this odd couple is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom D (kr) wrote: Very interesting assemblage of past reportage/documentaries combined with a reflection on Depardon's current interests, but it has an incomplete/under-realised feel to it.

Zachary S (kr) wrote: I know a number of people who worked on this movie, so I wanted to go into it with an open mind and actually like it for what it was trying to do. Unfortunately, that proved impossible to do. This movie is a disaster. A messy, incomprehensible, badly made disaster. It's 3 biggest flaws are the following: 1. The Editing - Director Joe Raffa DEFINITELY should not have edited this himself. It was jumpy, made it hard to follow, and had no transistions between scenes or shots whatsoever. Also, some of the color between back to back shots did not match at all, which is a bad mistake in editing because it takes the audience out of the moment. 2. The Cinematography - The way this movie was shot and lit was incredibly underwhelming. It was mostly all flat, had little to no movement until the second half, and the camera angles were for the most part poorly chosen. A few of the shots were also blown out, which is something that you don't do unless it has a purpose, and here it didn't. I hope the Director of Photography of this movie didn't get paid too much because frankly he did a terrible job. 3. The Script - This is this movie's biggest failing. The whole movie felt like a long extended advertizement for the location they were shooting at ("The Hotel of Horror") first of all, and none of the characters were fleshed out in the least bit. Honestly, by the 3/4 mark, I couldn't even tell you most of their names. The dialogue was also pretty uniformly terrible, and felt in a few places like it had been written by someone who had just discovered swearing for the first time and wanted to exploit the hell out of it. There were other aspects of the movie that didn't work either, such as a good majority of the acting (and that includes Corey Feldman), but those are this movie's three cardinal sins. Despite the hard work I know that went into this movie, I honestly would not recommend it to anyone at all, whether they be horror enthusiasts or just casual movie viewers. The reason for that is a simple's just a terrible, terrible movie.

Joel N (mx) wrote: Gritty .. Grimey .. Keeps you going .. Insanely good if your into a ultra-violent true to life adolescents brutal rise growing up in a world that's not at all easy ..

Nilufer R (ca) wrote: I was expecting a light comedy but it turned out to be a drama with a little bit of humour. It was like a softer version of "My life without me".

Ashur d (gb) wrote: Fittingly gruesome and chilling story telling of the irony between the ever more brutal nature of the "civilized," in contrast to the purity and tranquility of more simple societies. This movie really builds the suspense for this conclusion, putting you in the footsteps of the native on the treacherous path toward your forced sacrifice. It is amazing how applicable this story is, even to our own country and as email leaks and hacks expose the nearly unbelievable brutality that has been caused around the world in our name, while we gather around observing and cheering on. Once again Mel Gibson does an amazing job here, and like The Passion, this movie utilizes the gore for a good purpose and to make that "aha" moment especially shaking.

Danny C (de) wrote: I thought it was clever!

Nellie K A (kr) wrote: great movie. Gerard Depardieu is also in it.

Van R (us) wrote: Dolph Lundgren blows holes through everybody in sight in "The Killing Machine," a swiftly-paced account about a former KGB gunsel who flees to America and becomes a hired gun for the Russian mob. Lundgren wears two hats again as star and director and this trim 88-minute shoot'em up doesn't squander time. The best thing about "Breach of Trust" scenarist Raul Inglis' screenplay is that things keep changing throughout and the film has book ends. The dialogue isn't exactly memorable, but our put-upon protagonist finds himself between a rock and a hard place after he quits the Russian mob and has to battle gunmen in his face until he dispatches all of them. Posing as an investment broker, Edward Genn (Dolph Lundgren of "Rocky IV") is in reality an assassin on the payroll who is incredibly good at what he does. Nevertheless, he believes that he has made some bad choices. One of those bad choices was helping a comrade escape Mother Russian and vanishing into obscurity into America. One day Edward gets a contract, but he is contract and he has to shoot it out with dozens of assailants. If this weren't enough for an action-oriented epic, Lundgren and Inglis raises the stakes by making our hero's little daughter and her mother Joey (Sefanie von Pfetten) bull's eye targets. Virtually everybody that Edward knows winds up betraying him until he has no friends. U.S. authorities save his wife and daughter and force him to kill his old friend, Vadim (Bo Svenson of "Inglorious Bastards") in return for safety. Lundgren delivers another stoic performance as the gun-wielding assassin who outsmarts most of his foes. Mind you, "The Killing Machine" qualifies as a B-movie shoot'em up with some gunfights and fistfights capably staged by Lundgren and lenser Marc Windon captures all this gritty action with imaginative camera work and angles. The plot itself is strictly formula, but Lundgren energetic direction compensates for some of this familiarity.

Andr (de) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Low).First viewing: 12.09.1999

Justin B (ru) wrote: great cast. awesome subject ; ))

Steve J (ca) wrote: I'm glad I revisited this film after so many years, because I liked it a lot more this time around. Some clumsy dialogue and credulity-straining plot points hamper the overall impact, but it remains a rare example of an intelligent action film from the 1980s; it even has a strongly philosophical bent. The performances are brilliant but thoroughly offbeat. More than once the film becomes humorous (but I'm reasonably certain this is intentional). The atmosphere of breakneck fatalism is harrowing and exhilarating, as maniac Jon Voight and his hotheaded young companion (Eric Roberts) break out of the high-security prison presided over by a constantly-grinning fascistic warden (John P. Ryan, in an impressively unhinged turn). After trudging across miles of harsh snow-covered Alaskan wilderness they make the ill-advised decision to hop a train; as fate would have it, the conductor of said train suddenly keels over from a heart attack, leaving the two convicts and a young, inexperienced female engineer (Rebecca De Mornay) on board, hurtling ever faster toward a collision. Meanwhile Ryan gives chase, giving ample proof that he's every bit as crazy and dangerous as the nihilistic Voight. This film is completely insane, but also intelligent. It balances conventional action-movie thrills with a valid inquiry into the human condition, offering more questions than answers (as a mature work of art should). While its flaws keep it from achieving true greatness, there are moments of genius to be found here, most of them having to do with the preternaturally weird performances and the film's breathtaking visual style. The central metaphor of the train speeding at a deadly pace through a frozen wasteland is realized in some of the most impressive and exciting film set pieces of the 80s. The screenplay was based on an abandoned script by Akira Kurosawa.

Drew C (it) wrote: This was really good--just saw it on the history channel--I thought the suspense was awesome

Maxin J (es) wrote: A minute of silence, inspiration behind the dance scene in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp fiction... This crime thriller is different in many ways.. A true French New Wave movie..

Rob S (jp) wrote: This film introduced audiences to Robby the Robot, which had a spin- off career of its own from what I have heard. Sadly, this is the best aspect of Forbidden Planet. However, it is obviously a person in a suit rather than a believable robot since the robot doesn't walk rigidly, but rather as someone struggling with walking like they have a large weight as a burden.We know the man, Morbius, is hesitant to let others come to the planet, and this becomes evident when an invisible monster, outlined with animation by people firing their blasters at it lurks about the site of the visitors' spaceship and attacks the visitors.Later Commander Adam puts 2 and 2 together, and realizes that since Morbius was using a machine that taps into the subconscious that this monster was created by his id in an overly descriptive conversation about what the id does. If they could have played this a little more subtly instead of lecturing the audience of the power of the id, this concept would have been conveyed much better. It is a shame when writers/directors believe the audience to be stupid.Morbius' emotions which likely set this beast off on a rampage are his extreme protection of his daughter Eve, the sex symbol virgin at the heart of this film. Practically all of the crew hits on her, including Commander Adam (aha, Adam and Eve!) which makes for awkward sexual innuendos while they flirt with her or attempt to "show" her the arousal behind kissing. The film is quite sexist with the way it portrays Eve, prancing around in "little" clothing (dress codes were a lot stricter back in the day) while Commander Adam practically tells her it is her fault that men gaze at her for what she is wearing.This film strives for interesting ideas, and plays them off fairly well, but not as well as it could have.

Hector C (gb) wrote: This is a really good movie. Tons of action,blood,and style. The scene that best stands out is the shootout. The use of slow motion makes it enjoyable.The hitmen are trying to kill everyone and the Gringo. Full of blood, guns and the music makes it a fun movie to watch. They are trying to put humor into this action movie and the scene makes me laugh me laugh my ass off. My favorite kill was the grenade throwback and when gringo shot the cowboy in the eye. Great movie.

Chuck W (kr) wrote: This movie series started out with an interesting concept but eventually it has grown stale along with its sense of humor. I saw this for free and still i think we should have been paid for watching it.

Christopher G (nl) wrote: Better than the new one.