Girls Aloud: Out of Control - Live from the O2 2009

Girls Aloud: Out of Control - Live from the O2 2009


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Girls Aloud: Out of Control - Live from the O2 2009 torrent reviews

Christopher H (ru) wrote: Plenty of cameo but not enough to save a patchy script.

Richard C (ca) wrote: BOOM, the LFE channel is used to devastating effect and Dario Argento's suspiria score by Goblin in the docco is a nice touch.SEE THIS.

Ben R (ca) wrote: While some of the moves shown in the Film were incorrect. The wrestling scenes were awesome and the cast did an amazing job. Except that one girl

Nusret K (ag) wrote: Kore sinemasindan eglenceli , duygusal ve farkli bir mafya filmi. Dilsiz bir tetikcinin oykusu.

Jamaica C (mx) wrote: i heard the movie was good and i want to see it because i haven't seen it !!!!!!!!!!

jess marco s (ag) wrote: day night day night-checks one's own morality. the dilemma between right and wrong, good and evil leads one to see the individual fundamental option. needless to say, it ends with an open-ending...

dave c (mx) wrote: Chris Marquette makes this film. He is funny and plays the role of slacker turned hero really well. The bugs seem a little bit silly sometimes but it all adds to the charm of this film.

Brian M (gb) wrote: Kinda like a sequel to the great Superbad if Seth was smart. Not awful. Good lazy Saturday movie. Justin Long is decent.

familiar s (nl) wrote: For me, it turned out to be an average thriller, with okay performances. That you can see the twist coming was not as much a problem as its pacing. Relatively necessary sequences were rushed through, while hardly important scenes were allotted unnecessarily more time. Besides, the over-exposure was exceedingly forced in with the "script's requirement" excuse. Other than that, it's quite watchable; just hope enough is left. Thankfully, it ain't thoroughly disappointing, and has a few moments.

Frank M (kr) wrote: The score and dance numbers were splendid. The plot had changes from the play and it made the film weaker than it could have been.

Tami S (jp) wrote: Love...actually is all around. Cute story about power of love and finding it in unlikely places.

Takee A (ca) wrote: Although I could see some bits and concepts copied off other movies (Such as Despicable Me 2 & Monsters Inc.), I liked the overall plot."Penguins of Madagascar" has got two great messages to present to it's viewers; that every individual is unique in his or her own way...and to never underestimate or judge someone by what they look like.This was a very amusing spin-off centered on the very most adorable characters of the Madagascar franchise - which, combined with a well-written plot, hilarious puns, a stunning Pixar-level animation and even a hilarious Werner Herzog narration, makes for a much superior experience.It was beautifully directed by J.P. Simon, Simon J. Smith & Eric Darnell, and it was also fantastically written by Alan Schoolcraft, Michael Colton, Brandon Sawyer, Brent Simons & John Aboud. These guys truly deserve a round of applause for their amazing efforts!

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Gracie M (ag) wrote: Siempre pienso en ella. Y cuando siempre pienso en una pelicula se que

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