Girls at Arms

Girls at Arms

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

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Girls at Arms torrent reviews

Alexandra L (ru) wrote: Overall this piece of realism cinema didn't feel like a real thing. Miscast for the main protagonist and too picture perfect to be believable.When I saw the first couple seconds of this film I though to myself that this is looking good - this is not looking good! Colours on the picture were balanced to perfection. I could not help noticing similar tendency through the whole film. I see the Rohmerian school approach in creating a picture but this film is not about a beauty of everyday life, this film meant to be about an ugly reality of life. Same about Marion Cottilard, despite her brilliant performance, it was a performance of beautiful Marion with her beautiful perfectly tanned skin. Sorry. I'm not saying that the main actress should have been ugly but this film could have been a gem with someone less famous and without so much effort put into making it pretty.

Sean A (es) wrote: In what could have been an interesting premise or buddy comedy turned out to be a shallow attempt at, well, I couldn't tell you what they were trying to do. It's a nothing story without a single character I could bring myself to care about. Though Mrs. Finch is easy to hate they generated heat for her using a shallow premise. I was left wondering why she was so bad, was she always evil to him, or why would she think he would ever have been putting her in a mansion. It's bad, trust me, avoid it.

Timothy N (nl) wrote: Save for the semi entertaining climatic fight scene, this movie is all around awful. It's a good thing Ghost Rider is back in the hands of Marvel studios, now it's a matter of when.

Jens S (ru) wrote: Mediocre, mildly entertaining thriller that does not make the most of its somewhat interesting premise. You can smell the few surprises miles away and the showdown is not particularly exciting, even if the editing tries to make you think so. Unbelievable what huge and entertaining films director Harlin created in the 90s. Amazing that he got such a good cast for this rather tame product.

Melanie F (de) wrote: Didn't much care for the ending and it had some lame predictable parts but overall was decent.

Janette R (jp) wrote: It was not really that funny, but could have been. Enjoyed seeing Tony Shalhoub in earlier role.

Scott C (es) wrote: Best Russian film I've ever seen.

Tom L (es) wrote: Just okay. Some funny scenes. Hard to believe a 40 year old hooks up with a 10 year old.

Calvin C (jp) wrote: Besides some memorable songs at the start, the movie never takes off the way I hoped it would. Some of the characters are either creepy or annoying. At least Shirley Jones is worth watching. Grade: B

Brian A (us) wrote: Well words could never say how great Jamie Fox was at acting this roll. Very interesting to learn more about the music legend Ray Charles' life. The dangers of drugs and addiction are shown well, it is just too bad Ray couldn't have used his fame while living to steer others away from the same pitfalls he fell into. Great movie though.

Addison J (jp) wrote: A movie that, if you look close enough, has a lot of emotion to it. An interesting piece of art.