Girls for Keeps

Girls for Keeps


"Girls" follows four beautiful women and depicts the troubles found in their love lives and work place. Yukiko Takigawa (Karina) works at a big advertising firm and has a good looking boyfriend (Osamu Mukai). Seiko Takeda (Kumiko Aso) is married and has no children. She works at a large real estate company. Yoko Kosaka (Michiko Kichise) is a single woman working at a historic stationary company. Takako Hirai (Yuka Itaya) is a single mother who works for a car manufacturer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pamela S (mx) wrote: Fantastic. Interesting to look at it from the zombie's perspective

Andrew K (mx) wrote: One of the most interesting movies I've seen recently...

Cheryl L (br) wrote: This film made no sense. I got bored watching it towards the end and felt throughly disappointed. Not worth watching.

Jason A (jp) wrote: Wicked awesome Dolph Lundgren movie. Lots of shootouts, nods to westerns, pretentious direction (from the big guy himself), Dolph as a Russian again, and a good linear story. My one gripe (and constant source of entertainment) are the wardrobe choices for Dolph at key points in the movie (he's wearing some kind of hat that looks like he got it @ the kids table at Long John Silvers in the beginning, and he's wearing this skin tight sleeveless mechanics uniform in another scene); however, the gripes aren't major. In all fairness, I honestly think this was theater-quality, with how well put together it was. With his directorial efforts, he obviously puts a lot of care into the quality control. A great movie for Dolph's longtime DTV fans and those who want to see some old fashioned ass-kicking.

Frderick P (ru) wrote: My favorite movie. Great cast, great writing, and great score.

Stella D (es) wrote: more like an ed wood film than joseph h lewis

Connor G (au) wrote: Very mediocre, and cemented the inconsistency with the first movie, but still better than Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Only for how amazingly bad it will be

Harry W (au) wrote: Teaming up legendary action filmmaker John Woo with legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hard Target sounded like an awesome experience.The plot in Hard Target is really a clever one. The concept is a simple one which has been explored in stories such as Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game", and it is transferred over into a much more action heavy context this time around. Yet there are underlying themes in the narrative this time. There is social commentary in the subtext of the film regarding our society's treatment of both war veterans and the homeless in general as depicted through the use of the character Elijah Roper in one major dramatic scene around 45 minutes into the film which single handily elevates the drama of the film beyond the average level found in a conventional action piece. It may be brief, but it makes a key point which adds drama to the story without detracting from its focus as an action film. And the entire time, there is even a sense of light deadpan comedy through use of western themes as a means of making the experience slightly lighter despite its action-heavy nature. But even with all of this subtle story aspects, Hard Target cannot escape the fact that at heart it is nothing more than a Jean-Claude Van Damme action vehicle with a better director and larger budget. This means that it should appeal to action junkies, and as one of them I can certainly say that it definetely succeeded.As an action film, Hard Target is undoubtedly one of the best films of Jean-Claude Van Damme's career. The increased production values mean that the story is superior and more legitimate than the cheap productions that limited his career through films such as Cyborg and Death Warrant. Hard Target raises the standards for his films simply because of John Woo's exceptional work. With the film already hjaving an interesting story and convincing setting, all that you need to carry Hard Target is powerful action. And John Woo goes beyond belief with what he supplies. John Woo's directorial style works perfectly with Jean-Claude Van Damme's fighting technique because while many films have shown that he is an exceptional fighter, Hard Target goes out of its way to actively emphasize this by making use of his abilities in a collection of versatile action scenes before filming them with stylishly placed cinematography angles and editing which uses slow motion to capture the incredible talents of his without being excessive. That style is consistent over all the action in the film as the cinematography always emphasizes the scale of events as being large no matter who is involved. As well as capitalising on the role that Jean-Claude Van Damme plays in the film, John Woo diverts the budget of the film into a lot of big scale stunts ranging from motorcycle chases with added fight choreography to brutal shootouts with even more fight choreography. Fight choreography makes its way into everything in Hard Target, and that is its most major benefit because it makes this action film a gleeful expression of patriotic American violence and eastern martial arts. There is even a well moderated use of blood and gore in Hard Target. It is not exactly merciless, but it is a powerful quantity which makes the violence all the more striking and entertaining. In short, Hard Target is an amazing spectacle of brilliance in action, and it is truly my favourite John Woo film because of its brilliant blend between Western and Eastern elements while working as a powerful vehicle for its star.Jean-Claude Van Damme's lead performance is cited as a common criticism for Hard Target. To anyone who finds a problem with his patriotic persona and obvious accent as well as his shallow involvement in the character, you can fornicate youself with an iron stick. Jean-Claude Van Damme's gimmicks are always based around status as a B-movie actor and a top notch martial artist. In Hard Target, I found that he had a subtle and restrained patriotic charm about him which was like a cross between John Wayne and Steven Seagal . But the real fact is that his martial arts skills are beyond belief. Hard Target hands Jean-Claude Van Damme a bigger budget and proves that he is up to the challenge of carrying it with his restrained charisma and sense of charm. He approaches every fight with such easy confidence without neglecting an expression of really genuine tension, and he kicks ass with an amazing level of strength and flexibility. Hard Target shows Jean-Claude Van Damme emphasizing the skills of John Woo very well, and vice versa. I always said that Jean-Claude Van Damme was my all time second favourite action hero to Sylvester Stallone, and watching Hard Target completely reminded me of why.Even those put off by Jean-Claude Van Damme's performance should find solace in the Saturn Award-winning performance of Lance Henriksen. Lance Henriksen maintains an intense stare of merciless cold blood in his eyes which shows that he never steps out of character, and whenever he says anything there is nothing but pure sadism in his voice. But at the same time, he actively gets involved in the scenes from a physical standpoint and does not hide behind his words. He is exceedingly well dedicated to the role, more than you might expect for an action vehicle. Lance Henriksen is an awesome benefit to the credibility of Hard Target, and his sophisticated yet sadistic effort is very antagonistic.So thanks to a simple yet straightforward story and John Woo standing behind the camera, Hard Target delivers a powerful mix of his amazing eye for action and the exceptional fighting skills from Jean-Claude Van Damme in the most versatile and high budget sense of value while gaining support from a powerful villainous performance from Lance Henriksen.