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Girls of Today

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Arjun N (ru) wrote: Inspirational, different and will force you to think different.

Peter B (mx) wrote: When will Hollywood learn that you can't (with the guilty pleasure Hackers being the exception) make people working on a computer interesting. It does have some interesting sub plots (newspapers from multiple countries working together, politicians scrambling) but spends most of the time showing how weird Cumberbatch can be.

Uma P (br) wrote: I love this moovie so if i rate it i would rate it as 100%

intuciic (ru) wrote: weird and somehow boring movie

Sylviiee L (it) wrote: C'etait bon.. mais moin que le 1! Mais le gars est tjs aussi beau! Waawww! <33 hihi

Angeline P (es) wrote: have to see it! have to see it!

Nicholas A (ag) wrote: Well the two leads were terrible and after one look at the set design I guessed there would be a Benny Hill type chase scene at one point, lo and behold there were three!! On the plus side though Dickie Attenborough was show-stoppingly hilarious and made up for most of the other flaws

Jonathan M (de) wrote: An HBO documentary on ballot irregularities in Florida and other states in the 2000 election.

Matthew J (ru) wrote: An easily forgettable and cliche ridden film.

QT C (nl) wrote: The movie was ok. The storyline was interesting and the characters too. But not very scary and the acting wasn't all that great

Jobert D (us) wrote: this movie just weemed like it was trying to hard, Tim Roth & Forrest Whitaker weren't even good in this one...

Hugo G (br) wrote: Very funny movie with some hilarious characters and performances! ~October 11, 2014~

sam k (ca) wrote: Man Bites Dog is a film that I had been trying to find for a while. A DVD eluded my grasp but I was pleasantly surprised to find the film available on youtube. You can watch it there if a DVD is not available.I really like the title. "Man Bites Dog" It's obscure and peaks the interest of any potential viewers, and it has great relevance to the film, in a metaphorical way.Man Bites Dog is a Belgian film. The full original title is C'est arriv prs de chez vous which means "It happened in your neighborhood." The film wants to convey a strong sense of reality immediately.Man Bites Dog is a found footage film. I am not a big fan of the genre. I would almost say I hate the whole genre but there are of course exceptions. Most found footage films are terrible. Paranormal Activity is dreadful and there are more awful exorcism films than I care to list. There are a few good found footage films like the newish horror film V/H/S which I plan to review eventually. Is Man Bites Dog one of the few good found footage films?The footage that has been found is a documentary that was being made by a crew of independent filmmakers focusing on the day to day activities of a serial killer. I find this concept to be fascinating. It's such an interesting idea and could easily make for a great film. The found footage effect is completely necessary in this film. Found footage is much more understandable when it has a purpose to the plot. Here's an example, Man Bites Dog needed the found footage effect as part of the story. End of Watch (While being a good film) did not need to have the found footage effect. Change a couple lines of dialogue and it would have been just as effective.Man Bites Dog is known as a dark comedy. The comedic element of the film is actually a major selling point, even the tagline promotes this ideal saying "A killer comedy". I did not think of Man Bites Dog as a comedy. I feel that this could be misleading to some viewers. There are some funny moments, but it's not a comedy in the traditional sense. It's the absurdity of the situation and the reactions of the characters that bring the comedy. Calling Man Bites Dog a comedy is like calling Terminator a love story. Yeah there are some underlying themes and few key moments that represent the genre, but it's not the center point, nor is it focused on a great deal.Man Bites Dog is a hard film to classify. It's very strange, which is a big reason of why it's so effective. When picking a genre, I would say it's close to horror. Not in the traditional sense of course. Man Bites Dog is horror in the sense that Red State is horror. The events that take place are heavily based in reality and could actually happen. The actions of the characters are truly "Horrifying" from a realistic stand point. The fact that these things could very easily actually happen makes the situation frightening.The main character is serial killer named Benoit he is played by a man who is also named Benoit. In fact, most of the cast uses their real names. They're even playing themselves in way. In the film is a camera crew and director, playing the camera crew and director is, the camera crew and director. It's strange to think that this guy is playing himself, who is killing people.Benoit is a very interesting character. He's not a mindless killer like Jason, and he's not a high class intellectual like Hannibal Lecter. He's closer to a normal guy. I think this makes the situation all the more tense. Here is a guy who can blend perfectly into society committing heinous acts. In fact there are scenes with Benoit's parents who are his real parents. They thought that it was an actual documentary on their son, they didn't know that their son was portraying a serial killer.Benoit is an uncompromising killer who kills mainly just for entertainment. He does steal from the people he kills, but the money is not what he's after. Benoit has a poetic nature about him. He even gives a full poem about pigeons. He makes stark commentaries on life while taking it away from others. He satires what is acceptable in society while breaking preset taboo's.Benoit is the focus of the film. He spends most f the run time talking to the camera, but there are other characters. The film crew which consists of three people at any given time. They are poorly developed aside from Remy the director. He is a well constructed character and you follow his progression throughout the film. The other film crew members are completely flat. The things that happen to them have very little impact due to their lack of build up. Most of the other characters in the film are simply people who get killed, there are some side characters but no one that stands out.Man Bites Dog is truly shocking. The film sets out to surprise the audience and it succeeds in doing so. The film is very jarring in an intentional effective way. The black and white film and the handheld found footage really add to the effectiveness of the crimes that are committed. This is one film where the found footage effect enhances the film.Right from the opening shot of the film, the tone is set. A shocking display of violence taking place in a public crowded area. That set's most of the film up from there, aside from the social commentary. The film is incredibly realistic which is what makes it effective. The murder is not glorified, it's realistic. The setting of the film enhances the effect as well. Crowded areas and abandoned areas alike. The filmmakers did not build sets for the film, they went out and found places where they could kill people, and places where they could dispose of the bodies. The areas are real locations in the city where the film was shot, true geurilla film making. the low budget and geurilla style of the film just enhance the experience.Man Bites Dog is a truly unique experience. It's unlike any film I've seen before. The film does drag a bit towards the end. It feels as though the film would have been just shy of a feature so they added a few scenes as fluff. The scenes aren't completely bad, but they do feel out of and unnecessary. Almost out of character. The film almost feels as though it has two endings. The movie hits a spot where it could end, then continues a little further only to end right after that.Man Bites Dog is an incredible experimental experience and should get more recognition for it's ingenuity. The filmmakers never went on to do any other films. the main actor has gone on to be in other films, but the directors mainly Remy Belvaux the main director ended after one film. It's a strange case where a director or writer do only one film. He did commercials after but no features or even short films. Perhaps it's a case of a man feeling the need to tell just this one story. Maybe he thought he had completed his masterpiece and wanted to go out on top. Maybe he just couldn't think of anything else, I don't know, I'd like to, but I don't.There is a very strange case that I just found out about. There is a sequel. Yeah, it's just called "Man Bites Dog: The sequel" But it came out in 2012 a full 20 years after the original, and it doesn't feature any of the same cast members. The same character of Benoit but a different actor. Now normally I would just assume that this was a fan film. It takes place in New York this time, so I would figure that someone saw the original and really liked and decided to make a fan tribute sequel where they lived. The really weird thing is that one of the writers of the film is named Remy Belvaux which is the name of one of the writer, director, and actors of the original film. That is really weird. Did this guy change his name or did he just happen to have the same name as the guy who wrote the original movie? That would be very weird. It's even weirder considering the real Remy Belvaux committed suicide. It's a very strange case. I would like to know more information on this.Man Bites Dog is definitely worth watching. It's not for the casual viewer and it may require you to be in a specific morbid mood, but the film is one of the best found footage films I've seen to date, and is an incredibly interesting profile of a serial killer, done with a low budget which only enhances the effect. Controversial and morbid, but a well done cinematic experience.

Blue D (kr) wrote: One of the first movies I've liked that didn't involve special effects. Still a favorite

Minh V (ag) wrote: It's great seeing the young Jackie Chan. He's the reason why the energy is energetic. His acrobatic dexterity is sheer amazing. Great choreographed fight sequences.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: I love this movie, so light hearted, and beautiful. It's just flawless.

Naomi G (br) wrote: Hollywood wonders if sentient, extraterrestrial life has been watching their broadcasts. It has even initiated and supports the SETI project probably so that it can pursue its organized crime model of business and coerce any aliens they have contact with to pay some kind of entertainment related bill.No one will ever meet any aliens if they have been watching movies like Close Encounters. Hollywood's continued xenophobia, delusions of grandeur, and misanthropy have obviously either scared them off, or instilled the belief that earth is utterly worthless to them.

Jordan A (ag) wrote: Not the best it is stupid when he goes uber Jason but the otherwise a good movie