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Girls Will Be Girls


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Therese L (fr) wrote: The whole family sat down to watch this. Expectations high. I wish I could give a brief overview of what this film was about to back up our opinion of it but that was the main problem - none of us had any idea (20 minutes in) what it was meant to be about. It flicked from one scene to the next, one set of animal friends to the next without explanation. It made no sense what so ever. A forst fire did not strike fear into the animals - instead two of them wandered off casually sharing a can of drink they'd found. The animation was quite good so I really feel for the people who worked on it. I confess not to have watched the whole film as the children 'begged' us to turn it off after 20 minutes. We asked for our money back at the video store not expecting to get it - but we did! Thanks Blockbuster!

scott b (it) wrote: one of the funniest films you can come across that satires the japanese cinema and its stereotypes. well worth the watch with a few friends and some pizza

Mike B (ru) wrote: Silly, breezy, insignificant, but not totally unwatchable. The character arcs are totally unconvincing. Upside: Cerina Vincent is smoking hot.

Jarryd R (br) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Minna M (ag) wrote: Special and strange thriller.

Andres G (nl) wrote: This movie was very weird. I've never read Henry James' "Turn of the Screw" which this movie is based on so I didn't really have a concept of what the film would be about.The storyline itself is fairly complex. You have a nanny, played by Leelee Sobieski who goes to a manor out in the countryside to take care of a man's orphaned niece and nephew. Accompanying her is the man's secretary Ms. Grose beautifully played by Tara Fitzgerald. Things are not what they seem inside the manor, however as the nanny begins to be haunted by ghosts from previous inhabitants who she claims are there to harm the children. This is another ghost story, but it's much more psychologically driven than your typical special effects driven monster flick. The acting is brilliant, yet the script lacked a bit of direction in many places.In terms of cinematography, the film is shot fairly dark, giving the storyline an even eerier tone.All in all, this film is okay if you're seeking a psychological thriller with good acting. But if you want to be scared out of your wits, I would pass. If anything, it did make me want to go out and pick up a copy of "Turn of the Screw" and give it a read.

Gimly M (ag) wrote: Fox decided to remake The Omen for the release date 06/06/06, a neat little gimmick. Better yet, they decided to only incorporate the events of the first film, the one that's actually good.

Filip D (mx) wrote: Even though the idea of a farting movie is a bit silly, I still expected more. For adults, the rating would be 0-10%, and for kids it would be a maximum of 30%. This is mainly because the movie is quite dull the first hour, and what 8year old has the attention span to watch for an hour before something really happens? This is not a film that will make you laugh (unless repetitive farting makes you laugh) and probably will not even make you chuckle. Another annoyance is the fact that the main character uses the phrase "this was the best/worst day of my life...ever" about 15 times throughout the film. I remember seeing this film advertised on the TV when it first came out and I remember thinking that it may be funny or interesting, but it turns out to be neither.

Nishlank J (de) wrote: Definately amongst the top films of this decade. The actors are lovely and give a wonderful performance. The locations are great as well.

Joel C (fr) wrote: Great obscure canadian film. The acting is pretty bad but if you're into philosophy this movie will blow you away. Very interesting.

Shane K (ag) wrote: Loved this movie. Made me realize that I absolutely DO NOT want to become a chef! But great flick.

Allan C (au) wrote: From the writer of "Kangaroo Jack" and your favorite WB stars of the 90s comes this CW-like riff on "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Okay, it's not that terrible, but it's not all that memorable either. James Marsden is the new kid in town and deals with the usual high school clicks, but one click of preppy pod people-like teens seems to mysteriously assimilate more and more students. Katie Holmes plays a bad girl on the outside of the preppy click, as well does Nick Stahl. You've also got a good supporting cast of older actors that includes Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood and William Sadler, but the film really doesn't have much on it's mind other than bland statements about conformity and does it without much wit or humor. See Robert Rodriguez's far superior "The Faculty" for a similarly themed film that was done with a lot more wit and smarts. I will say I did like the the little coda at the end of "Disturbing Behavior" which I suppose left it open for a sequel that thankfully never happened.

ID Yabba Dabba D (gb) wrote: Eddie has made a name for himself. To See his talents on S.N.L, is refreashing.

Thomas B (it) wrote: Grade - A-Featuring thrilling heist scenes, fantastic performances and an excellent script, 'The Town' manages to overcome its genre cliches and poor ending thanks to interesting characters and the heavy emphasis on drama as opposed to mindless shootouts.

tp b (jp) wrote: Ok. That's about it.

Effie S (nl) wrote: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue B (it) wrote: oh god this was a hit in australia in the 80s. When I think back now it was completely cheesy lol

David W (jp) wrote: Wonderfully written, Cher and Nicolas Cage give it their all in this Ethnic Romance comedy

Velma S (ag) wrote: This is not a god film. It has some good actors in ti but the story is horrific and the make up of the main character just looks bad bad bad!!!!

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Even lots of nudity from Sigourney Weaver can't save this.