Giselle is the quintessential Romantic ballet. Its title role, one of the most technically demanding and emotionally challenging in the classical repertory, is here danced by Alina Cojocaru, partnered by Johan Kobborg as Count Albrecht. This tale of the transcendental power of love over death is evocatively portrayed through Peter Wright’s sensitive staging and John Macfarlane’s designs, which beautifully contrast the human and supernatural worlds – mastered from a High Definition recording and true surround sound. Conductor : Boris Gruzin Orchestra : The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Giselle 2006 full movies, Giselle torrents movie

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Giselle torrent reviews

Cody C (mx) wrote: Tone is off, writing is poor, etc. Does the thing I hate where parents are cast solely because they're names and not because they look anything like their kids. Paul Reiser + Cheryl Hines does not = this male lead. John C. Reilly + Molly Shannon does not = Aubrey Plaza.

Joanna B (br) wrote: Teasing a tempting idea, Ruby Sparks is a surprisingly witty romantic comedy with an intriguing undercurrent. Off-the-back of their breakout hit Little Miss Sunshine, Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris deliver a tale of fiction, fantasy, desire, the combined power of imagination and the written word.Cleverly conceived - if not completely original - by the films headlining actress Zoe Kazan; to entrance viewers with the magic of situation and the realism of reaction, Ruby Sparks is a lighthearted existential jaunt. Subconsciously escaping the mundane life of a truly lonely existence by allowing ones perception of the ideal partner to turn from a dream into reality, the emotional stakes have been raised, opening the door to a genuine opportunity for self-discovery.Twenty-nine year old writer, Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano) is unmistakably uncomfortable with being so phenomenally successful at such an early stage of his career. The 'genius' recluse suffers from an interesting combination of writers block, social awkwardness and perpetual singledom. Holed up in his lavish house-in-the-hills apartment, he instinctively shies away from the 10th anniversary release celebrations of his first (and only) novel and the repetitive pressured discussions of his next project.Under the instruction of his ever patient shrink, Dr. Rosenthal (Elliot Gould), Calvin acquires companionship in scruffy little dog named Scotty, whose role is to get Calvin out of the house and meeting new people. But like- owner like-pet, Scotty has his own set of complex issues.Changing tactics, Dr. Rosenthal tasks Calvin with a one page writing project focused on just one person who likes Scotty - just the way he is. Calvin's fingers all of a sudden explode to life, soaring across the keys of his old Olympia typewriter as he articulates a complicated redhead painter from Ohio named Ruby (Zoe Kazan).Unable to stay away from this inspiring fictitious beauty, Calvin becomes obsessed by the character he has created and lives for typing-time with her. Not unlike the blank pages on which he writes, Calvin's life is white and clinical, until some bizarre items materialize - a small red bra, a pair of purple underwear and one morning, a quirky redhead in the kitchen whipping up eggs for breakfast. Flabbergasted by the idea that his words could conjure up a flesh and blood person, Calvin's initial response is to ignore the situation. But when his brother Harry (Chris Messina) and the world at large agree she is in fact corporeal, Calvin allows the lines between fiction and real life to blur, engaging in a relationship with the figment of his imagination. Will he discover the true meaning of the old adage 'be careful what you wish for'? If love doesn't run smoothly, will temptation lead him to abuse his new found power, changing her once endearing charms as they turn into insufferable eccentricities? Can happily-ever-after really be written from the bias perspective of one person?In her deceptively challenging puppet-like role, Kazan is effervescent, spirited and intuitive; whilst the anxiously Woody Allen-esque Dano exudes the essence of an introspective neurotic writer, both conveying the required emotions artfully. Cameos from Steve Coogan, Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas are fun but somewhat distracting for the level of film, which is in direct contrast with Messina's natural archetypical male.Issues with this production lay with its miscarriage of timing, its manufactured gravitas, and heavy handed chunkiness in parts. A lighter tact and delicacy would have made this seem more original and quelled the emotive desire we were left craving. The Verdict: This kind of exploration into the male fantasy has been done umpteen times and always raises a number of moral questions, but interestingly enough, for what seems like the first time, the capacity to mould and regulate the fashioned female seems to have genuine consequences to which the male counterpart is affected. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 27/09/2012

Ollie W (br) wrote: Not at all scary or original, but the cast are attractive.

Drew H (ag) wrote: Fuck..... just......fuck.

Private U (ag) wrote: Ya just can't beat a flick with a zombie cow in it...

Vicky P (us) wrote: Gave up half way through. Didn't know where it's going and it just bores me.

Joan D (jp) wrote: All chrome and no gas. Imagine watching a two hour DMX video. Fun at first, but after a while it's just annoying and hard to follow. What was already an incoherent script is further troubled by excessive music video style editing. Like the first time you found the "change font" button in your word processor, every effect trick in the book thrown at you in a 3 minute montage.

raven b (it) wrote: they have the best actors in this movie

Tania G (us) wrote: This had good points (certain special effects, certain actor) and a lot of bad points (writing, cinematography, general acting). Interesting, and worth 1 viewing.

John M (us) wrote: A quiet, thoughtful short. It??s about this little seven-year-old violinist, who frequently finds himself being a victim of the neighborhood bullies. He shares a friendship with a steamroller operator one day in Russia. This is my first exposure to Andrei Tarkovsky, and I can already tell that I am going to enjoy his body of work, if only from a technical standpoint because the way he sets up shots is innovative and one-of-a-kind. Through imagery and symbolism, Tarkovsky created a memorable 44-minute short that has a lot going on underneath the surface, such as the contrast between the artist and the worker. It is almost always easy to connect with an innocent child, and the kid here is nothing short of being innocence personified. It is an art movie, and I know that is a label that doesn??t always have the most positive connotations associated with it, but it is well done and has a lot going for it.

Noah C (au) wrote: A near unforgettable movie, Days of Thunder began the NASCAR movie trend. Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle is perhaps one of the most genius ideas for a movie. It has some flaws, yes, but very rarely do they occur. The final scene with Russ vs. Cole was one of the best scenes I ever watched. It's not that funny, but it makes it up with an incredible story. This is definitely worth a watch.

jesse k (jp) wrote: Hahaha. Pretty funny! Nice pompous dissection by Roger Ebert. Shut up, Roger -- you're dead.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: American schmaltz at its best. Good performances all round, a good adaptation of real life events make this emotional roller coaster a fine ride.

Joseph S (de) wrote: SSSSS(you dont say it you hiss it!), is one of the best of the worst movies Ive ever seen, but then again I did find it at 3am, where it lured me in with its siren call to scrap my bellow across the bottom of the barrel of 70's junk horror.A young man comes to work for a scientist experimenting with snakes, and becomes the subject of an experiment to turn humans into snakes (never mind why) and not half-human-half-snake men, just regular normal sized snakes. Its not as if the film didnt have the budget for half-human-half-snake men, becaus during a prolonged transformation sequence we watch one of the guys slowly become more and more snake like, reminiscent of a low budget "The Fly", but the end result...just snakes...The evil scientist also kills his enemies and his daughter's would be suitors by hiding poiusonois snakes in thier rooms, or pouring them on their heads or using them as daggers (or maybe I just dreamed that part). Its trully one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and one hypnotic in its awful execution on ever level. The climax of the of the film is a fight between a snake and a mongose. Although one or two of the performances are decent, I'm suprised that anyone would re-use this most clever and obscure of movie titles, but Jennifer Lynch (or her distrubotors since wikipedia actually calls the film "Nagin: The Snake Woman".) decided to give it a dust off. You have to sssseee it for yourself...Im sorry I had to say it once...