The son of a gypsy who works at an amusement park is accused of a crime he did not commit. Run away and hide, with his partner.

The son of a gypsy who works at an amusement park is accused of a crime he did not commit. Run away and hide, with his partner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Swayam B (au) wrote: Sridevi Rocks And How !! She hasn't lost the touch but has even gone a bit further in her acting skills. This movie belongs all to her and must be watched just for her. Though the brilliance of director Gauri Shinde can't be denied !! Must Watch !!

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Not bad but my thumb was on the volume knob the whole way through- the dialogue was quiet then songs burst in and blow the speakers, it's all over the place audially...and i started losing interest two thirds much longer of this? When's the freaking resolution?!

Erin D (au) wrote: it's ok, but the best thing about this film is the play itself.

Veruschka J (kr) wrote: My mother is battling brain cancer (gliobastoma multiforme) Its the kind of cancer you wouldnt wish on your worst enemy. Soon we will move on from surviving surgery and radiation and chemo to slowly deteriorating & then... the inevitable. I cannot bear to let her go but it will happen and I will have to watch. I was flipping channels with my mom recently. This movie had just started ... And there it was - what we were going through. It was like it knew our story, our pain, our thoughts. This movie was brave, honest & bold. This doesn't deserve a rotten tomato. Shame on whomever nominated it. Thank you Steve Stockman for making this movie. Perhaps it's a good thing that many of you couldn't relate... For your sakes I hope that you will never have to

Victor M (br) wrote: Great documentary about of the most polemic American writers.

Wade H (fr) wrote: Another great performance from Gibson in another WWII epic. The effects and action scenes are intense as the writing and dialogue are authentic.

Frank C (ca) wrote: Tremendous tale of schoolboy friendship from Shane Meadows, with one of hid typically slow-burning but deeply touching human stories running through. A hair-raising performance from Paddy Considine completes an enjoyable film.

David P (jp) wrote: Awesome soundtrack , took me back in time to my teen years . Story mirrored my coming out phase .

Mitchell B (jp) wrote: Firestarter is the adaption of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Firestarter is pretty much a mixed bag. Most people hate this film including Stephen King himself. While I do not hate the film as much as most people I do think it is one of the weaker Stephen King movie adaptions that I have seen. It has some good stuff in it, but an equal amount of bad things to offset it. The film starts off nicely. You have Andrew (David Keith) and his daughter Charlie (Drew Barrymore) on the run from this top secret government group called The Shop. The Shop is headed by Captain Hollister (Martin Sheen) and John Rainbird (George C. Scott) Andrew underwent an experiment done by the Shop where he took a special drug which gives you psychic powers of some kind. In Andrew's case he can force people to do what he wants. His daughter Charlie obtained a gift of her own through the genes called Pyro-Kinesis which allows her to produce fire with a thought. The first half hour of those two on the run I actually enjoyed. The final act was also engaging. She learns to control her abilities, escapes the facility and kills all the agents in the process.However, the middle portion of the film is where things fall apart for me. After a certain point, Andrew and Charlie are apprehended by The Shop. After that you have nearly forty minutes of them trying to befriend Charlie in order to get her to use her ability for them. They also experiment on Andrew and give him medication. It is literally forty minutes of them being experimented on. I found it incredible boring and unneeded. Most of it just seemed like time filler.Many of the performances did nothing for me as well. Some of the cast does alright. David Keith and Martin Sheen do a good job most of the time, though Martin Sheen can be very over-the-top in places. Drew Barrymore was not good at all. She did grow as an actor thankfully. I've seen some other films of hers and she is a fine actress. However, she did not do a good job here. George C. Scott I did not think did that well either.The film has many good things in it. The beginning and the end were fun to watch. The score is good especially the music played at the end. The effects are a bit dated, but are fine overall. However the acting is not that good. Plus the middle is pretty dull. I have not read the entire book, so I cannot comment if it was faithful to the source material or not. From what I have read, they did not change too much, but I have not read that much of it. Overall, Firestarter is one of the weaker Stephen King adaptions that I've seen. I would skip it. The book is most likely better.

Matthew J (mx) wrote: An entertaining romp without any brains, but they are not needed.

Emily K (es) wrote: Worth watching for the second story alone, particularly Danielle Darrieux' beautifully underplayed performance.

Eric M (us) wrote: i don't own this one yet !!

Sean C (jp) wrote: Not bad in a Sunday afternoon sort of way. Worth it for purely nostalgic reasons