Gitler kaput!

Gitler kaput!

A Russian WW2 spy spoof following misadventures of a clueless Soviet secret agent trapped inside Hitler's inner circle.

A Russian WW2 spy spoof following misadventures of a clueless Soviet secret agent trapped inside Hitler's inner circle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gitler kaput! torrent reviews

Gisela P (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was really good.

Ann M (jp) wrote: Lovely and real-a rare combination. Some admirable acting.

Shane P (au) wrote: Yeah it has fast cars but that's about it. Not one I would wast money on.

Gome A (fr) wrote: Again, what was this about ?

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (ca) wrote: For a general audience, this might not be a successful. But for the fan of ManUtd, especially King Eric himself, they can really relate to this movie. But then again this movie tells a god example of how idolizing or being fanatical to a person can be positive.

Vince N (it) wrote: Keeps you entertained with action packed killing sprees, and ongoing surprise.

Wade W (br) wrote: I'd rather just know nothing about Steve.

Rainer K (mx) wrote: I only wanted to see it because I read the book and I liked it - not as much as Yalom's more recent Schopenhauer Cure - but I was definitely eager to see how they put it on screen. And I was disappointed. The first thing were the stupid accents - so annoying I switched to German after three minutes, unfortunately the German dubbing was even worse. The whole film is a mess: wooden acting, poor cinematography and editing (some of the weirdest and most distracting cuts I've ever seen) and incredibly historical inaccuracy (OK, the whole plot is fictional but the book at least depicts the environment and the city of Vienna quite precise). They don't even got the vast mustache of Nietzsche right!! When Nietzsche Wept is a pathetic and cheap looking production with almost none artistical aspiration. There are so many great films, don't waste your time with this one. Read the book.

Suanne T (fr) wrote: Horrible for anyone that grew up with the original - why they remake such classics is a mystery to me. My kids even prefer the original. Johnny Depp plays his usual weird character and is creepy. The kids (other than Charlie) are brats - same as the first - but much more annoying. Do your children a favor and show them the original.

Tim C (ag) wrote: I wanted to see more of Patrick Stewart and Darius. Steven Webber's character just annoyed me.

Rick I (nl) wrote: Waste of time. One wasn't even in English. The rest was almost pure crap.