Looks at the link between Guantanomo Bay and the torture methods used in Iraq. How US forces handle the task of retrieving information from the detainees. Ex detainee Mehdi from Sweden breaks his vow of silence.

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e disjointed chaotic mess. . .

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Secretariat overcomes its formulaic plot with its acting and heart

Jessica H (ag)

An interesting film that could have been proved upon in many ways , but the concept is genius

Jocey D (ru)

Better things to do. Walked out. Worst movie I've ever seen

John C (fr)

Intriguing, though not entirely successful, noir with Montalban giving a terrific performance

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Drugs + money laundering + undercover ops = great plot and I'm a fool for this kinda flick

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A good film with a cruel ending

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A total piece of shite

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Judd Nelson's career performance is a plus, as is the opening score, although it's never heard again until the end credits. B-Movie vet Lustig does a credible job infusing this routine police thriller with some life and a great cast keeps it interesting

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