Give My Regards to Broad Street

Give My Regards to Broad Street

Having written the music and screenplay for this film, Paul McCartney also plays himself in the leading role. When the mastertape of McCartney's latest album is misplaced, he must discover its whereabouts in less than 24 hours or else risk losing his recording company to the lowlife Mr. Rath (John Bennett). McCartney performs three new songs, along with classic Beatles' tunes. Co-starring are former Beatles mate Ringo Starr as the drummer in Paul's band, Ringo's real-life wife Barbara Bach, McCartney's then wife Linda and Tracy Ullman.

The movie centres on a chaotic day in rock star Paul’s life as he daydreams that he will risk losing his recording company to the lowlife Mr. Rath unless he finds the sole copy of his latest album by midnight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (ag) wrote: Bad B-movie and quite cheesy

Alex B (gb) wrote: Sorry, but in the setting/context of the Japanese invasion/occupation of China, martial arts, even (or especially) supernatural martial arts, seem really dumb. It's a decadent bourgeois fantasy of the decadent aristocracy. (The momentous period from Japanese invasion in 1938 to communist victory--unmentioned here--in 1949 takes up less than four minutes of the movie.) I mean, Ip Man, the hero, literally wears a (distinctive) fedora.

bill s (kr) wrote: Had a few good chuckles in this tounge in cheek dark comedy.....nothing eathshaking but a worthy one time watch.

Lui Alfredo S (mx) wrote: Andy Murray must have seen this movie before today's game. Unfortunately the genius in the other side of the tennis court did not let him have the same happy end of this pleasant love story.

Hunter D (kr) wrote: A unique theatrical experience unlike any other, this film really challenges the conventions of cinema, not in terms of its avant-garde structure, which can be found in other movies, but in terms of how it shows the audience things we aren't used to that are truly challenging. What is just as interesting as the film itself is the audience and the collective reactions to what is going on in the film. This is definitely a movie that Glover is right to only show when he is present in person, as so much of it could be taken out of context to hurt him and the mentally and physically disabled performers he worked with. See it if you have a chance, it's a theatrical experience that is truly memorable.

Laila E (fr) wrote: This is an amazing classic!

nailah n (gb) wrote: loved this movie from beginning to end