• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Jeff K (ru) wrote: Clutch Powers is another movie that starts out with potential and doesn't deliver. It begins introducing characters that give you hope that it will be spoofy, but then it just becomes another movie that relies on you being on the edge of your seat while the characters are in danger as you wonder how they can save the day.

Alexis T (it) wrote: Death by a young shaven Coronal Sanders?.. No thanx!

Ronnie S (fr) wrote: American Pie, lidt mere "serist", mange flere sex referancer, og scener, og ja, det var vel det ... Den var dog udemrket, og kan sagtens ses, men ikk den bedste komedie i den genre. Men patter i en film giver jo automatisk n stjerne, og hvis der havde vret blod, var der 2 stjerner hjemme der. Det var der ikk, dog opkast (som man desvrre ikke s) s en 1 stjernes film + patter og opkast ... lol

Stevie S (nl) wrote: Well, at least I learned a new meaning of a word. THUG :"TRUE HERO UNDER GOD"*pisses self*

Paul N (fr) wrote: Meditative look at love & humanity's relationship to environment is sweet & serene, but first half - with its highly intriguing hospital-for-monks milieu - holds more interest.

Mark D (ru) wrote: Interesting but not my thing at all. Was poorly subtitled version also which didnt help. But a decent narrative and obviously would be inspiring to some. Not one id watch again but glad i watched it.

David B (au) wrote: This is one the whole family can watch and remains quotable long after it's been viewed.

Genevive C (br) wrote: Good suspense, but a bit predictable - I figured out the major plot twist before it unraveled.

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: Not a hillarias movie , but fun parts ...nice time seeing this on my DVD

Frankie N (ag) wrote: Enough with the fucking heartless, relentless dragging on of movies. Let the original masterpieces be. I'm sure money isn't too much of a problem for these guys, so why the fuck should they dampen the reputation of one of the top ten best movies ever made. Jesus.

elliot d (ca) wrote: The greatest performance ever given by an actor and Jack Lemmon delivers this in his breathtaking Oscar winning role. one of the best films of the year 1973.

Matthew B (es) wrote: This is an insult to humanity, not once did I laugh, not once was I moved. Raja Gosnell needs to retire.

Ben G (es) wrote: Good memories, but would really need to watch it again.

dan b (gb) wrote: Hercules drinks from the spring of forgetfulness then leaves his demi-god life to become a manwhore. If only my problems were that cool.

jasper j (kr) wrote: Pleasant Sunday film. Yes I am disappointed with Murphy's film career choices - which are BAD (not in good) - but I am not a hater. Nice film

Luc P (br) wrote: Hands down one of the most boring and dumbest films I've ever had to sit through.

Sean R (ca) wrote: A good old scary movie with all the elements of a good one........... Children, chilling music, and jarring frights.