Gladiators: Back from the Dead

Gladiators: Back from the Dead

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Gladiators: Back from the Dead torrent reviews

Josh S (de) wrote: Just a really stupid movie.

bjesna b (it) wrote: igrica odlicna, film tesko zaljenje vremena i novaca...

Michael Y (au) wrote: For a small, independent, Canadian melodrama, Deeply builds up to something quite intriguing and a pretty good movie. And the Kirsten Dunst stars doesn't hurt either. A young teenager and her mother take a vacation on a small (really, really small) island so that the daughter can recover from a tragedy that took the life of her love. While on "The Island" the daughter meets a grumpy old woman who agrees to tell her the story she's writing. The story is a tragedy in the '40s on a similar island that involved a young woman and a curse she is destined to bare. Kirsten Dunst plays the girl in the old woman's story. The woman's story is the intriguing and entertaining part of the movie. The events of the teen and her coping with her tragedy, not so much. That part of the movie is extremely melodramatic, but is interesting because it somewhat parallels the life of the girl in the story. This story about fate and loss may be slow, but the mystery of the story keeps you interested. Written and directed by Sheri Elwood, the writing is average, and so is the directing. The shooting location utterly beautiful and it's hard to shoot a shot that doesn't look wonderful with that kind of background. But in reality, with all the outdoor shots it has going for it, it's a pretty basic looking movie. Not too stylized. Simple, like the town on the island is. But I must say, this movie does keep an incredibly intriguing plot interesting with some good, smooth pacing, and a soothing music score. There's some interesting shots of the ocean that are mysterious and keeps with the theme of the movie: quiet, romantic, but with a sence of upcoming danger. It's not unique filmmaking and the dialogue isn't all that creative, but the plot of the story is something different and intriguing, and the performances by Kirsten Dunst and the rest of the cast isn't as annoying as it could have been. Deeply is a soft and romantic drama, and pretty funny at times too, that is pretty good, not as bad as I heard it was, and worth a watch.

Julia P (br) wrote: Yikes. Poor Claire Forlani. How did she ever deliver those speeches about "love" so earnestly? *I saw this in theaters as a middle school kid and probably thought it was romantic and edgy and sexy. Yikes again.

Jd D (ru) wrote: It's most likely the rating is based on nostalgia, but I thought the scenery was pretty cool in this movie. Casper's past could have had some more to it though...