Glass Babies

Glass Babies


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   revenge,   lie,  

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Glass Babies torrent reviews

Isadore H (ca) wrote: I love it when I watch a movie and the cast seems to be having loads of fun in it, and with a cast like this one, it is really fun to watch. Red isn't revolutionary by any means, but it has the feeling of being very rewatchable for me. I throughly enjoyed the great special effects and the over the top, but still fun action. Red is the definition of a fun film to watch, but it doesn't quite live up to what it could be, still a very good time though

Paul K (us) wrote: A proper film. Evokes the period in France post -1968, when Franco was the dictator in Spain and generals ruled in Greece. And Salvador Allende had just been elected president of Chile. All this seen through the eyes of a child, a strong willed girl who wants to be a princess and has some hard lessons to learn about wealth and exploitation. It's beautifully done, without any of the glossiness of Holywood, and therefore has to be watched patiently and with brain engaged. Time well spent.

Jo E (es) wrote: can't believe i went to the theater to watch this crap. I'm a huge golfer and was looking forward to watching this. Huge disappointment. Augusta National Golf Club gave permission for filming on the golf course and total crap was the result.

Sarah E (mx) wrote: Ridiculous but better than I expected.

Spencer S (mx) wrote: There is a lot of dramatic credibility attached to this film, which isn't warranted. Yes, Meryl Streep is the lead and she received an Oscar nomination for the role, but this film is less dramatic than much more soapy. This film falls into the sub-genre of "white woman saves inner city children" which also includes "Freedom Writers" and "Dangerous Minds," and overdone and quite manipulative genre that needs to be done away with. You will either find this true story enlightening and sweet hearted or overly dramatic, based on taste or being able to stomach racially motivated storylines. Though, in general, I find these kinds of films tedious and over the top, the last half hour did make me well up. Real life music teacher Roberta Guaspari is inspirational, and her story is at least treated with respect. It is also interesting to note this is the only film Wes Craven has directed that has nothing to do with horror or sci-fi, and for those unaware of his finesse, this is a great showcase of his talents. This is an entertaining film, if a little overdone in its execution.

Masorad (mx) wrote: IMHO, Corman's best, as it overcomes budgetary limitations by virtue of it's pseudo-philosophical premise which will unreel your mind if your sockets are ready. Milland, knowing he's slumming, is dispassionate & rote and therefore perfect as a caricatured mad scientist who embodies some Heisenbergian wankfest until Biblical measures ironically blind him and he sees the light. Watch it again.

Lee M (es) wrote: A fine Agatha Christie adaptation, made more watchable because of its all-star cast, but suffers by comparison with Murder on the Orient Express.