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Alisha T (au) wrote: I admittedly hate how frequently the Catholic Faith is targeted in films today, but I so appreciate the manner in which this story was told. Philomena was a beautiful story that truly shed light on the picture of true Faith. That is: being a kind, generous, caring, and most importantly, *forgiving* person, despite any and all of the horrible situations you might be forced to endure.

Alan W (br) wrote: Borrowing from Time Out: this is 'coming-of-age meets let's-put-on-a-show' (a spot-on description that I had to nick!) and it is not without its charm, well executed and nicely shot thru sun-drenched nostalgic lens - but it suffers from too-much-characters and too-many-stories-itis and more importantly, these stories seem too familiar and the outcomes unsurprising. Seeing as it comes from the producers of Billy Elliot, may I suggest using this as the book for a west-end musical based on 70s pop - that might have worked better. And I can't help but think there is also another film about the people in the staff room that would have been far more interesting that is sadly unexplored here. Otherwise, it is a nicely put together film that wouldn't feel out of place on BBC4.

Tina A (it) wrote: EWWWWWW Yuck!!!! They used up the world's supply of fake blood in this one.I knew as soon as I saw the kitty that good things were not going to happen to it. It seems Jesse Metcalfe should stick to being the BODY and not try to act anymore!!!

Ben C (es) wrote: Not exactly a holiday favorite, but it isn't a holiday disaster.

Randy E (it) wrote: A surprisingly artistic release in a sea of commercial productions. Malkovich delivers!

Eric R (kr) wrote: Alan is a struggling artist living in Brooklyn who is trying to get somewhere with his band, the Bumblebees. The film chronicles his life from his relationships to his attempt at getting a record deal, etc. Its one of those indie films where a bunch of characters are rather narcissitic and they sit around and talk a lot. I liked Bujalski's first feature 'FUNNY HA HA' quite a bit but this film felt borderline masturbatory in its endless sophisticated dialogue and characters who seem to be going nowhere. There is some merit in the dissection of a character like Alan whose own awkwardness and social anxieties hold him back from having a better life. It is a good honest script with quite a few scenes that have some funny interesting dialogue with a sharp realism but I never was emotionally connected to any of these characters leaving me void of any real emotional response to the film.

Amethyst v (ca) wrote: Brilliant, funny, entertaining. A good story about morals

Private U (ru) wrote: Belgian old ladies, disabled people, flowers, Belgian old ladies. Some of my favorite subjects. And it's a Belgian movie with a happy, non-dour, non-cynical ending!

Steve S (nl) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Rosa K (fr) wrote: Amusing, it is realistically depicted when a couple becomes an new parent.

Abhishek H (br) wrote: Gregory his best..with the sensuous Sophia Loren...!!!

Todd E (de) wrote: Too much old climactic symphony music. Makes the film a little overdramatic for my tastes.

Christopher P (jp) wrote: The story remains interesting throughout the first half of the film, but then everything gets mixed up in the larger scope of the French Revolution, and the focus gets a little blurry. It goes on for too long, and could have been at least a half hour shorter.

Frank D (us) wrote: I absolutely love the idea of "Jumper" as a concept and potential storyline, but this one wasn't as good as it could have been.

007 W (es) wrote: Skyfall is great, it's well got good writing, good acting, good bond, it's a great movie