Glenn Killing på Grand

Glenn Killing på Grand


Glenn Killing and the gang live at Grand . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mrcus R (de) wrote: Nice movie for what its worth. They did a great job making you hate the criminals so much anticipating for them to be killed by Austin. But a good portion of the beginning was pointless IMO and should of focused on a bad bond with the daughter making the story more emotional.

Alice S (us) wrote: Frighteningly bad, yet I couldn't tear my eyes away...unlike the way Leighton Meester blithely tears out Aly Michalka's navel ring. Second most uncomfortable shower scene since "Psycho."

Jason K (it) wrote: Visually Brilliant And Funny, Monsters Vs Aliens Is Another Satisfying Entry In The Dreamworks Collection.

Dryorophus (fr) wrote: Fucking strange and not even good

Private U (mx) wrote: Cine frances , e independiente de la nacionalidad es del tipo de historias que me gusta, una historia que satisface mi espiritu fisgon, donde las actuaciones y el ritmo hacen sentir que se espia por una ventana

Diana C (jp) wrote: A teenage girl learns that reaching for her dreams isn't always easy.

Rob L (mx) wrote: Quite a poignant movie for me as it(TM)s a low key study of a group of 20 and 30 something friends making their way through North London life around the turn of the millennium " there is a particular light about the summers in that part of the world and the uncertainties of relationships and general struggle to get by make for an involving, unhistrionic film.Aiden Gillen is excellent as ever and Six Music(TM)s Adam and Joe even make an appearance at one point " they are clients of the props firm that Gillen and his mates work for. Mercifully, the Brummie accent of the hero(TM)s love interest is also not suppressed. Thraves recently returned to directing after a gap of a decade and this is something of a lost gem.

Lynne M (de) wrote: This is my favourite film ever, saw it on channel 4 years ago and searched for it ever since.Every scene has an image so indelible its hard to shake.Can't believe he didn't do another film untill, "one hour photo" and then the Johnny Cash video for 'Hurt'. What a waste

Richard A (it) wrote: The fights in this movie are just unreal, if savage. Simply an astounding Tsui Hark film.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Realism and attention to detail highlight this otherwise routine tale of opening of the west by mountain-men. Clark Gable's performance is subdued in his portrayal of a trapper that takes on an Indian wife in hostile territory. The scenery is pretty and the story moves at a good clip with exciting finale.

Jaidyn P (gb) wrote: Oz the Great and Powerful is a decent prequel to The Wizard Of Oz. The film has mostly good characters, with expansion and depth to them. Visually the film is stunning and the 3D that goes along with it, is amazing, some of the best 3D I've seen in a film; this 3D adds more beauty, wonder and dazzle to the story. So I highly recommend viewing this film in 3D. Although, the film does suffer from some tonal inconsistency; lacking some darker themes and quirky elements that this film would benefit from. Also at times some of the acting can be uneven.

Brock P (mx) wrote: Absolute Masterpiece!! Destined to be a classic

Taj Mahal funniest videos (kr) wrote: Star trek ll is a cool space adventure with new threats and new Galaxy's

Johnathon W (es) wrote: Twisted & though-provoking film that, for better or worse, is David Cronenberg at his finest. Woods gives one of his best lead performances, whose intelligence & charm is convincing, even when the film takes some crazy detours. He is matched by Deborah Harry who makes a fine femme fatale. The real star, though, is Cronenberg's writing & direction, crafting a film like no other (as with the rest of his work), that is disturbing & fascinating at the same time. While TV technology is dated for today (even the tapes that are used are Beta-Max), Cronenberg does predict the content & obsession some take with visual content (the pirated signals can almost be scene as modern day internet). The visual effects by Rick Baker still hold up, since they were all done practically, and you will never look at a TV the same way again. While Cronenberg is a acquired taste, this film is a feast for those that like him.

Dan M (ru) wrote: I know it's really lazy to call a movie dumb, but this movie is DUMB. Dominic Toretto playing a Buffy-esque role, I can't buy it. Plus they dragged Elijah Wood and Michael Caine into this. The only thing shocking was that I made it the whole way through.. well, besides snoozing a couple of times here and there. Don't waste your time with this stinker.