Gli onorevoli

Gli onorevoli


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Sarah L (jp) wrote: This movie is the perfect blend of shock and sarcasm. Devon Sawa is such a hottie- he made the entire movie for me. The ending is a great twist and after I left, every homeless creepy lady reminded me of the witch.. ahhhhh! Bravo, Bravo.

Martin A (it) wrote: mieux que ce que je pouvais esprer. En gnral une bonne histoire, visuel intressant mais certains lments laisse a dsirer entre autre la fin quelconque. Mais en gnral un bon film du type peu fait au Qubec.

Carlos M (us) wrote: An inconceivably horrid display of sadism with an amount of stupidity that I can't remember seeing before (and I wanted to punch Bertino in the face for raping my brains like this), relying on two characters who seem to be competing as most shockingly stupid of all time. (Zero stars)

Chantal v (us) wrote: I can't do anything else but give it five stars. I love every minute of this movie - especially on a summer night like this. It's funny to see that some reviewers think this is a fake, unrealistic movie. That says so much about their way of living. I think it's real, wonderful, hopeful, atmospheric. Warmly and naturally acted as well. An unexpected gem when I first stumbled upon it on tv years ago - and keep coming back to. See you next summer.

Nicholas N (ca) wrote: Fast paced full action movie with little attention on the plod makes it an awesome film as paul walkers performance was also excellent

Jamie C (gb) wrote: A just under average Carry On film, different from most of the others, Starts slow but gets pretty funny but not the kind of humour these films usually bring.