A trio of brainboxes create a cell phone chip that allows telepathic communication. But when the experiment goes wrong and power falls into the wrong hands, the results are terrifying.

A new communication technology is invented, but when the inventors test the new product on themselves, there is a bug or two that need to be fixed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Glitch torrent reviews

yessenia c (kr) wrote: I've been wanting to see this movie but I still can't find a way how to ?!

Rajesh M (ru) wrote: A good horror flick.

Tom H (ag) wrote: Another crazy french movie. awesome to the bone, punch your face filmmaking. and yet at some point it dissapoints. i cant put my finger on the problem, but it is there.

Liam M (gb) wrote: A great insight into one legendary fight, two world class fighters and a particular period of time.

Riccardo Antonio R (es) wrote: Generic raunchy comedy. not for kids. Be wary of sequals where the original star isn't in it. I.E. Steve Geutenburg passed on this one

Nick K (mx) wrote: Wake in Fright, one of the most well-known "lost films" of Australian cinema, is a surreal, disturbing psychological thriller detailing one man's alcohol-induced descent into moral depravity. Shocking, menacing and brutally dark from start to finish, this seminal "Ozploitation" film depicts self-destruction and degradation on a horrifyingly authentic level that few films have ever managed.