Similar to Mariah's life story. Mariah plays the role of a young singer who is eager to become a big star. She dates a DJ who helps her get into the music business.

A young singer dates a disc jockey who helps her get into the music business, but their relationship become complicated as she ascends to super stardom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Glitter torrent reviews

Connor W (de) wrote: I cry every time. Every time. There is no other reaction to this.

jason b (us) wrote: this is the best horro film i ve seen in years

BLACTACULAR (ca) wrote: The Curse of The Golden Flower had everything. Power struggles, sinister plots and diabolical betrayal. Chow Yun-Fat was as dastardy emperor in this flick. The cinematography was breathtaking. The glorious hues used to make the castle was astonishing. A visual delight. The story line had me on the edge of my seat. Can one family really go through that much dirt. A definIte must see.

Alec B (jp) wrote: Not as interesting of a story line as Brother Bear but its just about in line with the film in terms of quality!

Kyle B (jp) wrote: Very interesting story with an amazing performance from Samantha Morton. She deserved to win the Oscar in 2003 and the screenplay deserved to win as well. All the performances including the kids and the dad were superb

Serdar C (es) wrote: I loved the novel. The movie was perfectly loyal to it and did the best it could. It is not easy to adopt a novel with lots of main characters and a non-linear editing. The movie used the same editing as the book with lots of flashbacks. Jack the butcher is dead. His last order is to be scatterred to the sea. His four best friends who has been with him all his life decide to do this last wish of him together. While they are on the way to the sea, we see what kind of life Jack and these men have lived. The cast could not be better. Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, David Hemmings, Tom Courtenay and Ray Winstone were all great in their roles. And I fell in love with Kelly Reilly just like Jack did in the movie. Recommended if you like book adaptations and quality drama with top notch actors.

Patrick P (mx) wrote: I have tremendous respect for and admire what Abbie and many like him did in their time. They were obnoxious, arrogant, and somewhat childish, but they had a point. And they were funny while making it. This film is presented as a hagiography of sorts, revelling in Hoffman's rebellious indulgences, and making him the victim of the system. In retrospect, something a little more balanced might have better served their cause, but there were some pretty solid performances, and perhaps to a fault, every time I see D'Onofrio, I think Abbie Hoffman. With it's flaws, it's the only fictionalized account of this brilliant, but troubled activist. Read his books. Read the stories of his friends. Really interesting stuff.

Michael T (it) wrote: Walters is excellent in this true film with uneven pacing.

Pamela D (nl) wrote: Simple and to-the-point, March or Die is yet another variation of the familiar Fort Apache (1948) plot, an oft-used device for war films and other movies about small, outnumbered forces under attack in enemy territory (see also, Fort Apache the Bronx [1981]; Assault on Precinct 13 [1976]; The Siege Of Firebase Gloria [1989]; Hell Is For Heroes [1962]; The Alamo [2004]).With its star cast (Hackman, von Sydow, Terrence Hill, Ian Holme,and Deneuve), March Or Die attempts to be an epic film, but loses itself in corny melodrama. Going by several books I've read, there are some serious historical inaccuracies in the movie's entertaining presentation of the Foreign Legion, though the film gets the broad gist and spirit of it right. (I have yet to see a movie that presents the Legion with total accuracy.)There are some some hypocrisies in Hackman's character motivation as an American French Foreign Legionnaire Officer (a rank reserved for French-only, in real life, and not attainable by promotion within the ranks of the Legion), but the portrayal of Abd el-Krim at least superficially hits the mark, and that of the Berbers of 1920 is brief and blunt, but absolutely dead-on in, especially in a particularly memorable scene which highlights their primitive, foaming, Islamic fanaticism and savagery. The corny melodrama in March or Die however, eventually builds up to a bloody battle scene almost as good as those in Zulu (1964) and Zulu Dawn (1979), though March Or Die pales in comparison to those two efforts in quality and in the way they dramatically and accurately capture the abject, utter horror and spectacular nature of the sieges which they recount.Aside from the way the melodrama and romance in the film are presented, which dates it, the rest of the picture withstands the test of time and is worth a watch if you like action and war movies, I think especially for guys.

Aryn R (it) wrote: One of the greatest epic movies ever filmed, starring one of the greatest actors ever.

Heather M (gb) wrote: Boy's voice changed! But we still call him 'Boy,' not 'Man.'

John R (jp) wrote: Nostalgia for classic gamers, colorful characters, great humor for both kids an adults, and an astonishing voice cast, I feel like an idiot for waiting 5 damn years to watch this film. With themes of self-acceptance and purpose, Wreck it Ralph is one of the best Disney film's I've ever seen and is now one of my top favorites. 5/5!