Glory Daze

Glory Daze

With college graduation pending, the old gang tries to avoid the inevitable of breaking up and going forward with their lives.

It's two days before graduation, and Jack is having serious doubts about the future. The old gang is breaking up - Rob is moving to L.A. with his girlfriend; Dennis is finishing his third ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Glory Daze torrent reviews

Short Horror R (ca) wrote: Grainy throwback horror with fitting soundtrack with acting that destroys atmosphere. Satisfying conclusion

Ahmed M (nl) wrote: It's not the greatest movie, but if you like animated movies, it's worth a watch.

Michael Y (us) wrote: One of the coolest documentaries I have ever watched about one of most unique human beings I have ever seen. This is a guy living his life exactly the way he sees fit. His disregard for personal health and safety and his descent into madness is thrilling and haunting.

Ron Errick L (jp) wrote: Well-acted and well-thought out, Stuck succeeds thanks to its overboard funny plot and its coy play on criminal and social psychology.

Josh P (fr) wrote: Greatest super hero movie ever.

firstphukkinNation w (br) wrote: lies, propaganda, american-patriotic-loving BULLSHIT! Bush and his evil white friends did it and got away with it and you know it. -_-'

Emily H (es) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie, as a 20 year old gal in college, it really spoke to me.

Ananth N (nl) wrote: A Good start but worst ending.Seriously i hate the story of this movie , complete dump film.

Megan S (fr) wrote: I'm not really sure why I watched this movie, it was so strange. It was interesting at the beginning but by the end I just didn't care anymore.

Lilian W (it) wrote: What a treat to the eyes and soul!! Parjanov is a true master of theatricality, mise en scne, and most of all Colors. I did not know details about the life of Sayat Nova but his Soul was manifested to me almost psychedelically through the achingly beautiful visual narrative . Sofiko Chiaureli is breathtakingly androgynous in her acting and the symbolism of the film was made even richer by every move and gaze of her body!!

Justin O (es) wrote: This movie is much funnier than it appears, lots of great slapstick and set-up jokes.

Manch F (gb) wrote: Boring and insipid, perhaps the worst iteration of the character ever put on the big screen. Seriously, the execution of that Uncle Ben death scene was awful.

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