A teenage summer in a small town in the desert, a dysfunctional family, a rock band, a can full of glue, two boys, one girl, loads of tongue kisses, dry heat, wind in Patagonia, existential angst... A teenage story in the middle of nowhere.

"A teenage summer in a small town in the desert, a dysfunctional family, a rock band, a can full of glue, two boys, one girl, loads of tongue kisses, dry heat, wind in Patagonia, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan B (de) wrote: Munger road is a great horror film and the packed crowds made an epic experience, can't wait to see again!

Naomi S (jp) wrote: An Education tells the story of Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a pampered middle class kid living in London who dreams of going to Oxford University to read English. Her dull routine of school, cello lessons, awkward dinners with her parents and droll lunches with friends is turned upside down one day when she meets the charismatic and cultured David (Peter Sarsgaard) who whisks her off her feet by taking her on romantic breaks to Paris and to classical concerts with his exciting friends. As time passes, however, it becomes apparent that David and his joyous clique are not quite what they seem. Despite a few solid actors An Education proved to be a terrible film. The usually dependable Alfred Molina gives a hammy performance as Jenny's father and Emma Thompson could have been given more to work with as Jenny's formidable headmistress. Carey Mulligan played her role well but there's no getting away from the fact that Jenny is actually a downright dislikeable and irritating character. We're supposed to feel sorry for her and root for her while she treads the rocky roads of her 'dual education' (in life and the classroom), but just how much you can pity a privileged west London private school girl while she agonises about getting into Oxford and experiences her first broken heart I'm not sure. Even when Jenny reaches her lowest point she's so annoyingly precocious in her handling of the situation that the emotional punch is just lost. On top of this the question of what actually happens to David is left unresolved. It's unclear what director Lone Scherfig was trying to achieve with An Education; if she wanted to make a damning social comment about pampered middle class lifestyles then she's succeeded, but the fact that this is supposed to be some cutesy coming-of-age drama makes it so vomit-inducing that it's barely watchable. Other films about the social elite, such as Bright Young Things and A Good Woman, work because they expose the vacuity of wealth and status, and because the scripts have humour. If An Education had the balls to be a bit grittier it may have worked, as it is everything about the storyline and the characters is just too bourgeois for anyone to really care.

Adrian W (fr) wrote: Movie was on the interesting side

Russ B (es) wrote: 8/31/2016: A good film and the beginning of the "darker" storylines.

James P (gb) wrote: Completely bizarre but utterly brilliant, as always!

James T (br) wrote: really stupid and not at all that funny

nicole b (gb) wrote: It was quite intresting movie..

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Chester was a babe when she took off those glasses and let her hair loose. Not one of my favorite Rodney Dangerfield movies.

Amanda C (jp) wrote: I remember watching this a million times when I was a kid. I haven't seen this in years and it is still as funny. Great funny 80's film!!!

Lee M (fr) wrote: Despite some signs of muddle and uncertainty (Ulu Grosbard replaced Dustin Hoffman as director during the shooting), this is a surprisingly strong picture about a convict (Hoffman) on parole in LA learning what the supposedly "normal" world is all about.

Brody M (ca) wrote: I love Art Carneys movies!

James T (kr) wrote: A typical Hammer Studios horror film. The begging is the Dracula story all over again, a young gentleman, in this case a writer, goes to some remote place within the European continent where there is a big spooky castle and the local all insist the castle is the home of vampires. The writer gets job as a teacher at a school filled with beautiful young buxom girls who seem to have difficulty keeping their clothes on. He then falls in love on first sight with one of the students and mysterious killings start happening at both the school and the village.Its everything you expect from a classic Hammer film. Thick bright red paint for blood, average acting, some characters that could be from a Carry On film and sexy women and a rather feeble who dunnit plot. However there is a bit too much suspense and seduction which will bore viewers at times making them take trips to the bathroom while leaving the film running. Alright old school film but nothing great. Just a bit too dragged out.

Brook K (ag) wrote: So-so heist movie that really goes nowhere after the heist. Walter Matthau and Joe Don Baker make it watchable, but they don't have a lot to work with in a film that could have used better dialogue. Not helped by pedestrian filmmaking and a corny score. Also, the climax is pretty ridiculous.

Mike W (kr) wrote: Clint Eastwood is excellent in this prison movie!

Jos C (au) wrote: Muy divertida comedia, muy buena compenetracion entre los protagonistas.

Al M (es) wrote: Often considered to be the first "talkie" gangster film, Little Caesar features Edward G. Robinson in his first great role, a role in which he had already developed the signature persona that would carry him through to much greater films like Key Largo and Double Indemnity. Like many early "talkies," Little Caesar seems stiff today on the level of acting as well as the levels, of cinematography, camera movement, and montage. In fact, the film's major saving grace is Robinson himself who is the only actor capable of reading his lines in an even remotely realistic and emotional manner. Somewhat stilted, Little Caesar remains a pioneering film that manages to be entertaining 80 years later despite its flaws.

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Two For The Road is a superb romance film that unlike most, takes a great deal of time to examine the relationship between the two main characters over the course of more than a decade in the good times and bad times. It covers several points of their relationship ranging from the actual dating, to marriage, to becoming parents, infidelities, and much more. It's funny, emotional, and very entertaining. I'd say it is definitely among the greatest romance films I've ever seen. It's a beautiful and compelling film that deserves more attention.