A few years ago when the developed world was booming the bankers and stockbrokers thought the gravy train would never end. Now we all know what came next. The same thing that always comes next - Banking collapse, false wars, and recession. No country epitomized this rise and fall better than Iceland. Amongst the chaos politics staggered on and an election of new leaders began. For the jaded people whose lives had been changed so drastically, something needed to be done. Against this backdrop the Idea of The Best Party was born. It started out as a joke inside the head of Iceland's most cynical and most controversial comedian Jon Gnarr. The Idea was to poke fun at the establishment that had failed so spectacularly. Parody the arrogance of the 'left' 'right' parties and their false morality, by showing how ridiculous they all were. By Election Day something incredible was about to happen.

From Focus World, the hilarious true story of the comedian who ran for mayor of Iceland's largest city. But what starts a joke suddenly becomes serious when people start to believe - ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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