• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Gnoje torrent reviews

Ryan M (us) wrote: Killer re-imagining of the Batman origin story. Mirrored the graphic novel well.

Stefan S (es) wrote: Not as great as it is pro ported to be. The ending feels incomplete and the story is half way told. Still compelling work and excellent acting by Esai Morales and the cast.

James B (kr) wrote: It was alright. One of those unique kind of movies that after it's over you are left to ponder what the heck just happened. When it's over you aren't incredibly moved by this film, but it makes you think. Just kind of an odd movie that I honestly had mixed emotions about.

NeCrO (ru) wrote: Ok Maybe I like it because it shows what it 's like to grow up in a small East Coast town. Every town has " THIS GUY"

Brian C (gb) wrote: This movie was not exactly what I would call total garbage, there were some interesting concepts. Kaw is a flimsy remake of The Birds...however this movie lacked the suspense and the feelings of terror that Hitchcock was able to create. We have a bunch of people (including Mennonites) running away and getting pecked at by these super powered ravens. And what gave these ravens super powers? Yep, they ate cows infected with mad cow disease. Yep. A prion that eats away at the brain, makes ravens faster, smarter and much stronger. In fact a few flipped over a car... they make people stand still and get pecked at until they die. I take it back...this movie is total garbage.

Arash B (gb) wrote: To my suprise this was good, Cheesy yes but also impressive

K G (nl) wrote: pretty funny. i enjoyed the theme song. the guns were awesome. the dead siamese twin ended up looking like the scarecrow from wizard of oz. everyone died when i didn't want them to. twas entertaining.

Timeen (us) wrote: One of those laid back saturday nothing too do watch this movie and find out you like it.

Slothbear T (us) wrote: This movie is FUN. Make fun of it, and I'll get a nailgun and...

JimBa L (ru) wrote: Nunsploitation at its finest.

Joel A (ru) wrote: A very campy & perfect example of 1960's filmmaking, both Natalie Wood & Tony Curtis where at the top of game & fame by this film.A little bit silly & quite confusing in parts, Natalie Wood was truly an incredible talent that not only could act but was funny & I argue one of the screen's most beautiful stars.This film had a few laughs but was not really that engaging & my interest dropped off fairly quickly. It's good but nothing great...

Eliabeth C (fr) wrote: I laughed at these bizarre family moments. Witherspoon and Vaughn are so likable together, who wouldn't be a fan of this collection of characters? I am always looking to add a new movie to my favorite holiday movies collection

Joey R (it) wrote: My Favourite Jason Statham Movie To-Date.

Emily J (nl) wrote: I think critics overlooked a lot of great aspects of this film. I started the movie not very impressed and found it trying too hard to be shocking rather than actually funny, but it continued to surprise me and I felt the cast was really invested in it which made the movie even better. The wide variety of characters was really great and what I thought was going to be cliche ended up being a total game changer. Give The Bronze a go you might be surprised how it ends up. Definitely one of my favourites!