A family of gnomes preparing for the wedding of their oldest son must engage in a battle of wits with an enemy family of vicious trolls.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wedding,   narration,   gnome,  

A family of gnomes preparing for the wedding of their oldest son must engage in a battle of wits with an enemy family of vicious trolls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob A (ag) wrote: Oddly, so many of the negative reviews are about the reviewers' difficulty with the intensity of the story. The acting, plot, casting were all excellent.

Emma H (gb) wrote: i would like to see this film

Wilman A (gb) wrote: Unforgettable movie! Tremendous idea but beside that, there is a few of flaw appeared in this movie. It didn`t matter i thought because the idea thing can still covered it.

Kevin B (mx) wrote: Funny, sad and heartwarming with all the bells and whistles of a glam comedy. Swayze, Snipes and Lequizamo are three inseparable drag queens set out to rule the world while rediscovering what it means to have "Girl Power". An instant classic sure to please generations to come.

Peter D (es) wrote: It just makes me angry that this golden-hued nothing won the Oscar foreign language prize in a year of so many superior films (Kieslowski's RED & WHITE, BEFORE THE RAIN, CHUNGKING EXPRESS, LAMERICA, IL POSTINO and EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN, just to name a few). By contrast, this is all rump pinching and skirt chasing until the Message sets in ?? something about how the cost of revolution are the souls of the previous regime's heroes. There's not a character in the whole thing, just cartoons.

Emily D (br) wrote: Goofy (those 80s special effects) but fun.

William M (ru) wrote: Classic, don't make them like this anymore

Kevin R (ag) wrote: I collect things from the ocean John is a Navy officer visiting Cooney Island during some down time. He meets a girl named Mora and falls in love. Mora serves in a side show as a mermaid. As John talks to Mora's friends, he discovers her two previous boyfriends turned up dead on the beach. Also, some of her friends think she may really be a mermaid. Is John going to be Mora's next victim and can she really be responsible for these heinous acts? "In the past two years Mora has had two boyfriends and they're both dead now." Curtis Harrington, director of The Killing Kind, Ruby, Queen of Blood, and Killer Bees, delivers Night Tide. The storyline for this movie is quite clever and reminded me of the old Hitchcock classics. The script is clever, the settings are well selected, and the conclusion is fantastic. The movie strings along a little in sections; but overall, this is definitely worth your time. "I figured the easiest way to get out of Denver Colorado was to join the Navy." Night Tide was part of a Thriller box set that my father sent me for Christmas a couple years ago. I was surprised I had never heard of this movie since it starred Dennis Hopper. The cast also includes Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir, and Luana Anders. This movie is clever and well delivered and the overall picture was entertaining. "I'm a mermaid." Grade: B