Go Go Tales

Go Go Tales

A financial struggle between owners of a go-go club threatens its future.

A screwball comedy centered on a Manhattan go-go dancing club, where a financial struggle between the owner, his accountant and his silent partner brother threatens the business's future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (mx) wrote: This film is awful. It seems to have been beamed in from 30 years ago when the notion of women who weren't secretaries existing in the workplace was a shocking notion. Clearly written by and for people who have never held down an actual job. You might think that the presence of David Cross makes up for some of this. It doesn't. It's mildly amusing that anybody bothers to cast Sean Astin in anything anymore.

Pavan C (au) wrote: Solid acting and cinematography makes this movie special

Michelle R (ca) wrote: I seen this movie its the greatest

Ornella B (kr) wrote: Andr Dussolier, un acteur gnial que je trouve absolument fantastique dans ce film !Sinon un bon film pour souffler et se divertir un peu !

Douglas L (fr) wrote: When there was action, it was fine. When their wasn't, well it was a struggle to watch Dolph who can barely communicate with the african tribesman. But if you look closely, its the same plot as Pochahantas, Avatar etc. It just wasn't done well.

Stephanie P (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first but still entertaining.

Skeeter U (ca) wrote: it was suppose to be a film version of the medvel books on bad movies. golden turkeys. but somehow it became one in the process. it has great "bad" movies and at the same time it has great movies. the comic cast was fun to see togather however.Gilda Radner Dan Ackroyd John Candy and Cheech and Chong had some commenting bits on the proceedings. this is for movie buffs who like ALL kinds of movies. it deserves a second shot on dvd

Linda S (ca) wrote: A great reminder of what the labor union movement was fighting for....

Greg W (mx) wrote: bogarde seems miscast as the title character jose in this UK vs spain showdown

phet r (br) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Mayank A (au) wrote: Fun movie, Tom Cruise is great as Jack Reacher, an ex-military investigator, a real cool guy, besides having believable action the movie is an intelligent thriller with its crime solving theme.