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Gô-hime torrent reviews

Dan G (jp) wrote: Over-hyped romantic mush (which I could normally enjoy except in this case - just a bit too melodramatic on the emotional stuff and sympathy "I'm lonely" kind of story line). Overall? If you have nothing better to watch, I'd say OK. Otherwise? Pass.

Anthony H (jp) wrote: Quality film... watch it!!

shai l (fr) wrote: hahahahahahaa... i'm sorry, i know it's ridiculous, but it's just too funny - especially that CPR scene

Brian E (ca) wrote: Perfect writing. A very funny movie.

Joshua D (ca) wrote: A little movie that has become a tradition to many families during the Holiday season.

Sasha S (jp) wrote: Cute and romantic. Gene Kelly pulls some awesome routines yet again and Judy Garland still gives a great performance. The only problem I had with it was the ending, while it suggests a resolve it doesn't really answer any questions.

Steve R (ca) wrote: Alex Proyas has directed The Crow, Dark City and I Robot, all of which I really like. I had no idea he had made another film because this doesn't seem to have received any publicity. Now I know why. This film seems to borrow quite heavily from M Night Shyamalam's Signs, and despite some impressive looking disasters scenes, the film doesn't ring true.

Paul D (it) wrote: I hardly liked any of the characters in this movie. As well acted as it was, I just couldn't get over how bad the story was. The character of Alex is not only an emotional wreck, but she is probably the worst lawyer ever portrayed on film. I can safely say that I will not watch this again.