Go Lala Go!

Go Lala Go!

About a working class woman climbing her way up the corporate ladder and scoring a hot, rich boyfriend along the way, this romantic comedy is based on the same-name popular novel.

About a working class woman climbing her way up the corporate ladder and scoring a hot, rich boyfriend along the way, this romantic comedy is based on the same-name popular novel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Go Lala Go! torrent reviews

Madhuritha I (au) wrote: Surya rockzz.........n vadivelu's comedy jst awsome mann!!!

Cody L (ca) wrote: Great story about how two people help a young and troubled girl and how she helped them. Excellent performances by James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, and Melissa Leo.

Sadique A (ca) wrote: nice movie....arshad warshi n irrrrfan khan were really gud....n my favourite actress AYESHA TAKIA ...dis gr8 performance

Alison M (it) wrote: a pleasant surprise.

Brett C (gb) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Mad Detective is simply put, a fun and engrossing film. It takes typical elements of a thriller-suspense film and coat it with a supernatural flavour, ultimately giving the audience a taste of something familiar but also be stunned in the process. Due to its supernatural element, the film was able to avoid becoming too predictable which I find valuable in a thriller film. One can simply fall in love with this film even without any great attention as many sections of the film explain the plot in order to keep its audience orientated, but in doing so one would be missing out in Mad Detective's beauty; the deeply-rooted character development. I was fascinated on the reasoning behind our protagonist, and along the way the film was able to throw me off the trails a couple of times with its spectacular twists; I was also impressed with the film sneaking a tiny element of Macbeth in its characters, but then again this may just be me. Though in saying all of this, the film's tone is not as serious or dire I make it out to be, as a couple moments in the first two acts were executed with a layer of comedy; with an individual like Bun, how could you not laugh. The main reason why this is slightly under perfection is that the ending is not as straight forward as I thought it would be, I wasn't able to completely comprehend the reasoning behind some of the character's decision and the underlying implications that the director was trying to suggest felt ambiguous enough that I require a second viewing in order to appreciate it. Mad Detective is a breath of fresh air, as police-related films are a dime a dozen in contemporary cinema; lacking in any incentive from its writers to produce anything daring or thought provoking.

Ben M (jp) wrote: Part of the charm of this documentary about a group of grown men and women who take their playtime VERY seriously is that it doesn't fall to the temptation to make fun of them.

Ieda M (it) wrote: By trying to rationalize Sadako's revenge with science - Jesus! - the movie end up not even remotely scary or effective as the original and the other sequels. Also, why does Sadako have to wear black clothes and black lipstick at the beach scene? Because she's so evil? Nice touch, huh?

Michael M (au) wrote: Sorry Aqua. This movie has it's moments and it's great to see Casey "F*ckin" Ryback back on the job, but it's nowhere near as good as the original. Part of the blame comes from Eric Bogosian who's a terrible villain. And some of the stuff that happens is a little too over the top. Not bad as part of Double Disc deal in the $10 or less bin but that's about it.

Jennifer C (ru) wrote: When I was a kid I thought this movie was the coolest. Just saw it recently and it wasn't all that great!!

Mohit A (ru) wrote: Great story. The movie is even better when watched in Spanish. "De Colores" is hauntingly beautiful.

Chris P (kr) wrote: it may be chavtastic and 20 minutes too long but this film has a message and shows an England we don't recognise told with real style the rapped character intros are a real ballsy choice a brave bit of interesting filmmaking.