Go Tell the Spartans

Go Tell the Spartans

Go Tell the Spartans is a 1978 American war film based on Daniel Ford's 1967 novel "Incident at Muc Wa." It tells the story about U.S. Army military advisers during the early part of the Vietnam War. Led my Major Asa Barker, these advisers and their South Vietnamese counterparts defend the village of Muc Wa against multiple attacks by Viet-Cong guerrillas.

A unit of American military advisors in Vietnam prior to the major U.S. involvement find similarities between their helpless struggle against the Viet Cong and the doomed actions of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris B (it) wrote: A film I could just turn my brain off for and watch. I did enjoy it but on reflection I probably didn't look elsewhere for entertainment as it was quite short in run time. The characters are nothing more than cliches and Vinnie Jones doesn't really progress from where he starts. There is a concern that if real prisons were run like this it is no wonder they fail to rehabilitate people.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Kelly Makin (National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995)), this was produced by Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, who had their own production company at the time. They'd already done Extreme Measures (1996), here they opted for something a little lighter. It came out around the same time as Analyze This, and it enjoys sending up gangster movie cliches and more. In New York, English auctioneer Michael Felgate (Grant), is in love with teacher Gina Vitale (Jeanne Tripplehorn), but she turns down his proposal for marriage all because of her father Frank (James Caan). When Michael meets Frank, he thinks Frank is a nice man, but then he see's that he's part of a big Mafia crime family, and it's not long before Frank has Michael auctioning off some questionable paintings at the auction house, which turns out to be part of a money laundering scam. But, when Gina's cousin Johnny (John Ventimiglia), ends up dead, Frank ends up asking Michael to help him out, even if it means becoming "Kansas City Little Big Mickey Blue Eyes". It's a very silly film, but it has some funny moments, and Grant is his usual, foppish self again, but Caan relishes the part of the mobster well, sending up what he did in The Godfather (1972), it's not perfect, but it's a good laugh and you could do worse than watch this.

Trinity C (ru) wrote: The 60s were pretty crazy....

Russ B (it) wrote: 12/14/2014: An ok movie. A pretty good story without much football. Not good enough to watch more than once.

Logan M (mx) wrote: A true classic. Its strong performances and peppy, well-crafted script make "Some Like It Hot" Billy Wilder's most iconic movie.

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Micheline S (nl) wrote: I was disappointed, but still enjoyed it.