Go West

Go West

Keaton portrays Friendless, who travels west to try to make his fortune. Once there, he tries his hand at bronco-busting, cattle wrangling, and dairy farming, eventually forming a bond with a cow named "Brown Eyes." Eventually he finds himself leading a herd of cattle through Los Angeles.

With little luck at keeping a job in the city a New Yorker tries work in the country and eventually finds his way leading a herd of cattle to the West Coast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aravind V (es) wrote: Script took me directly to the location. Such a awesome location and screenplay. But why movie has end without success of love is question mind asking.

Rachel B (ca) wrote: too simple , sometimes navie.

Louis B (nl) wrote: This film may not be the film to change the genre as we know it, but it's a good film that's enjoyable to watch. You won't regret watching it..unless you don't like horrors...

magic g (us) wrote: Good storyline, sometimes one must follow the heart to do the RIGHT thing. My prediction:Nick Cheung--the next best actor in the making.

Rafal K (mx) wrote: Slooooooow and booooooooriiiiiiiiing...

Phil N (us) wrote: Getting released in the UK as Fists Of Rage, we welcome back 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper as a retired police officer whose son is involved in a dispute with a local street gang. There's lots of threatening words and a bit of fighting. It's not terribly exiciting really and the fight scenes are lack lustre.

Dustin W (de) wrote: A very good movie. George Clooney directs another winner and in the process, lays down a fine performance as well. His quirkiness was supurb. All around great performances by everyone. This was a fun movie with nothing complicated whatsoever.

Stacy S (br) wrote: It was totally ridiculous but Matthew Perry made me laugh.

bill b (au) wrote: Sure we have to do with a very different animation here.Sad very sad but i felt even if it is only 80minutes, i got tired.Looks like a stage play with animation.But it is very impressive if u think they made it at the 80'sPLUS; Great story, lovable characters, differentCONS: A bit tiring, slow, based on dialog more than visuals

Jeremy S (br) wrote: Burns is funny but the story is hard to like

Mike G (jp) wrote: Not a happy flick and yawn. Surprised to find that some people actually liked this movie. Lush cinematography and grand locations in the Alps and a bigtime star actor like Pacino (who seems to be in an emotional coma for much of the flick whether it was intentional or not) can't overcome the inert direction by Sydney Pollack, who made great films, just not this one. The biggest disappointment is that there is very little of the Formula One racing we (at least I) yearn to see. That's an irony I just can't take. And it turns into this depressing straight drama with as awkward and as embarassing a moments as you could ever hope to see Al Pacino play. No wonder he didn't want to talk much about it in his interview book with Lawrence Grobel except for being endearing to Pollack for letting him get away with it. Al Pacino, the person, rarely says anything bad about anybody, and I hate to tell the truth here for fear he might see it, so sorry Al. You said you were boring in real life and this movie is closest to you at that time, so there you go! The one thing I can say that is constructive is that in some ways it reminded me of Mann's novel The Magic Mountain with Pacino as a vague Hans Castorp and Marthe Keller, the one who's dying who actually tries to bring some life into the picture, as a haughty and enigmatic Madamme Chauchat slamming the figurative annoying door around Deerfield catching his attention and upsetting his comatose life.