Go West

Go West

Embezzler, shill, all around confidence man S. Quentin Quale is heading west to find his fortune; he meets the crafty but simple brothers Joseph and Rusty Panello in a train station, where they steal all his money. They're heading west, too, because they've heard you can just pick the gold off the ground. Once there, they befriend an old miner named Dan Wilson whose property, Dead Man's Gulch, has no gold. They loan him their last ten dollars so he can go start life anew, and for collateral, he gives them the deed to the Gulch. Unbeknownst to Wilson, the son of his longtime rival, Terry Turner (who's also in love with his daughter, Eva), has contacted the railroad to arrange for them to build through the land, making the old man rich and hopefully resolving the feud. But the evil Red Baxter, owner of a saloon, tricks the boys out of the deed, and it's up to them - as well as Quale, who naturally finds his way out west anyway - to save the day.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1940
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Marx Brothers come to the rescue in the Wild West when a young man, trying to settle an old family feud so he can marry the girl he loves, runs afoul of crooks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Go West torrent reviews

Fai D (ag) wrote: Interesting concept that was not utilized to its full potential.

MF J (br) wrote: Spread had the potential to be a really great film but turns out to be a disappointing experience. The beginning is great with Kutcher and Heche fouling around and installing an interesting toxic and quite unusual relationship. Unfortunately the premise gone, the film embarks on shallow water where our hustler boy gets a taste of his own medicine. The film loses it's focus, and a lot o credibility, playing like riches to rag episode. The fall of our angel is not convincing a minute and Kutcher shows quickly the limits of his acting abilities. David Mackenzie is not better behind the camera. I found his frame dull and empty of any real dialogue. scenes are piling up without really flowing and thus the film quickly runs empty and limped by a story that fail to convince in any ways. I would salute the effort to try to do something a little different and the ending saves the film from being a total dud but unfortunately it's not a good film, enjoyable, yes, fun, sometimes, but definitely forgettable.

Judy C (ag) wrote: The twist becomes apparent all too soon. The ending is--as another review states--maddening. An annoying film.

Lilliana0106hotmailcom L (it) wrote: Sharukhan, the king of Bollywood. He is great.

Jose E (ca) wrote: a great and funny movie about things that can happend in real life.

Davey M (jp) wrote: Classic guy-from-the-past-travels-into-the-present-and-is-all-"Huh?-I'm-really-stupid!" Hilarity ensues; lessons are learned.

John R (es) wrote: 150605: I could have gone without the dream sequence in the middle, or at least a shortened version of it. Otherwise, this is a fun movie. Found a new favourite in Gloria Grahame. Happy to have been here.

Chris H (it) wrote: A competent but formulaic sports drama.

shannon s (gb) wrote: Not a bad story, better than most movies of its genre.

Cutter G (kr) wrote: It's a nice time capsule for Los Angeles, but I didn't get it.

Demonic N (de) wrote: This looks really crap.

JamesMasaki R (it) wrote: Elia Kazan made some amazing pictures, socially conscious, eye-opening, and a sign of the times when people just didn't understand each other, and didn't want to understand each other. "Panic In The Streets" was one about a disease outbreak. And guess what. One of his least commercially successful. Yeah, when you see a movie about an outbreak, you all know it. You want to see some nasty stuff, panic scenes, and some pretty morbid material by the end gives hope for survival. This film has none of that. Doesn't mean it's bad. It's a pretty well crafted noir, but just didn't hit a chord with audiences. An illegal immigrant stowaway is found dead by gunshots, and is found with a highly contagious disease that was eating him away inside. The body is quickly incinerated, but the public health official played by the awesome Richard Widmark believes that this guy isn't the only one. Before a huge outbreak would come, he takes matters into his own hands to find the source of the disease, and runs through the shady ports of New Orleans.

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