• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Goal 1936 full movies, Goal torrents movie

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Goal torrent reviews

Brendan N (us) wrote: deathstroke is a great villain and this film is definitely a return to form after a few disappointments. Batman, Nightwing and Robin, what else could we want in this action packed film.

Julian B (ag) wrote: Review in one word...... Painful.

Ossi T (ca) wrote: Harvinaisen hauska komedia. Pysyi loistavasti kasassa ja nyttelijt osas hommansa. Road moviena tunnelmataan parhaasta pst ja oli oikein sympaattinen leffa. Tkin tullut katottua useampaan otteeseen, ett ei latistua sen ekan katsomiskerran jlkeen.

Wilson S (fr) wrote: a must see for fans... great art, illuminating interviews, and a chance to see a compilation of the projects

Marcela G (us) wrote: Pas desapercibida... pero es excelente!

Tim S (ru) wrote: Where, oh, where did I go so wrong in my life that I ended up having to watch Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe? In all seriousness, this isn't a good movie, but any means. It does have people in it like Sven Ole Thorsen though, who was a working actor and was a Schwarzenegger regular at the time. There's also a surprise appearance by Jim Belushi, who's in one scene and then disappears from the movie. The plot is sci-fi claptrap that isn't penetrable. You sort of get what's going on, I suppose, but the motivation behind it is unclear. It doesn't help that most of the performances are terrible, and the film looks like it was shot in an ink well for the first twenty minutes or so. I just saw it recently via Rifftrax and even they had a difficult time getting through it unscathed. It's just a boring movie with not much in it, and not much reason to really care.

Denise A (fr) wrote: Enjoyed it. Pretty good movie. FUNNIE!

Maninder B (es) wrote: one of my alltime favs, it is a real heartwrenching film that all mothers can identify with

Rene W (br) wrote: While I appreciate Pirandello's plays, I thought this movie was quite boring at times (to the point that I fell asleep twice while watching it). I did appreciate the scenery and the look into rural Sicilian life.

Greg S (jp) wrote: A TV journalist becomes disenchanted with his bosses in the mainstream media, while simultaneously romancing an Appalachian mother whose husband was killed in Vietnam. Thanks to a powerful performance by Robert Forster and a lucky accident (when riots broke out at the 1968 Democratic Convention, director Haskell Wexler was able to shoot his actors mingling with real life protestors and National Guardsmen---the crew was even tear-gassed), this became one of the great anti-authoritarian/agitprop movies of the hippie era.

Robyn M (nl) wrote: "Elvis is classic Hollywood, Truly the king of Hotness!"It's been decades since the King himself has sung live or made a movie, because of his untimely death. Regardless his spirit still lives on through the big screen. The film focuses on Old meets New Hawaii, with breath taking landscape and local Hot spots to this day are still popular. The film excites it's audience with catchy tunes like: 'Fools Fall in Love' Elvis' Greatest #1 hits to date.

Angel S (jp) wrote: "Im warning you, your driving me crazy!" "Thats no drive, thats a short putt"

Tecia E (it) wrote: Seen the Jodie Foster version, don't want to see this one

Ada D (ag) wrote: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, the 3D adaptation of a classic tale starring Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron,Taylor Swift and the legend herself Betty White. It's a fun movie for all ages to enjoy.

Viktor N (kr) wrote: Oh well.. it produces some smiles but really not so much more.. really bad fighting coreography.