Goal Club

Goal Club

A group of teens gets involved in the underground football betting scene where lots of money can be quickly won or lost.

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Louise D (au) wrote: Wasn't sure at first, but after the first ten minutes I was hooked until the very last minute.Real film clips in the trailers add a nice touch and remind you this was based on a true story.I would watch it again.

Ewelina N (mx) wrote: Documentary is well filmed but puts USA marine in really bad way

Dennis J (br) wrote: the costume manager forgot to take the bar code off the jacket they used for swaddling

Amanda L (ru) wrote: dark, twisted... scary.great ending!

Tatiana M (mx) wrote: Pretty entertainting. The whole movie is such clich! Looks alot like all this "gasgsta-become-famous-rapper" moves but the soundtrack is really good. That's right baby, VIVA EL REGGAETON!!

Private U (au) wrote: Er du hekta paa ufoer og aliens.. saa syns du sikket denne er fin. Handlingen paastaas bygger paa en sann historie.. grei underholdende film men ikke noe jeg hadde lopt p kino for og se heller ikke orka bruke penger paa og leie / kjpe den.. om man da ikke er en UFO fantast. Var en del spenning s jeg satt med hjerttet i halsen en del ganger..

Andres G (ca) wrote: pretty good except the whole development of raas al ghoul its pretty stupid. he was months or even years training with him and he never figured out he was the boss not the cliche chinese guy? he is supposed to be the best detective ever...

Gillian B (es) wrote: Actually quite liked it... Lots of twists... Plus you get to see Bruce in the buff!!! ;)

shelly b (jp) wrote: sounds interesting but unfortunatly I don't get to go to imax theatres anymore.

Daphne D (de) wrote: den ksero kan giati alla mou afise mia glikia euxaristi aisthisi meta to telos tis. tora pou to skeftomai den itan apo tis kaliteres pou exw dei apo apopsi senariou ktl alla merikes skines itan pragmatika dinates.

Andrew C (es) wrote: I'm usually more about the charaters and Bussey, Kat, and Vincent nailed it. Interesting as a character study.

G V (us) wrote: From a deep novel of Margueritte Yourcenar.

David L (it) wrote: My favorite of the series, Hammer's fourth Frankenstein entry is an offbeat, fascinating gothic masterpiece. The film ingeniously opens up with the guillotine execution of a drunken murderer (played with hardy relish by Hammer vet Duncan Lamont), unintentionally witnessed by his young boy, Hans. Years later, Hans (Robert Morris) is employed by the half-witted Dr. Hertz (Thorley Walters) who has taken in the ardent Baron Frankenstein ( Peter Cushing). Forgetting Freddie Francis' Evil Of Frankenstein, a so-so homage to Universal, Fisher picks up the series where he left off and firmly relates that the Baron is really the monster (the character is here introduced as being brought back to life through his own body-freezing experiment). At the local tavern, Hans gets into a fierce brawl with a trio of spoiled, arrogant aristocrats (Peter Blythe, Barry Warren, Derek Fowlds) after they insult the twisted and deformed Christina (Susan Denberg). Later that night after Hans consummates his love for Christina, the three delinquents break into the tavern and kill Christina's father, the landlord. Since he refuses to tell where he was during the murderous event, Hans is brought to trial, accused of murder and guillotined like his dad. Christina witnesses this and immediately commits suicide by drowning herself. In the meantime, the brilliant Baron has contrived a way to capture the human soul ("Bodies are easy to come by, souls are not," proclaims Frankenstein). He gets a hold of Hans' body, captures his soul, and transfers it into the wretchedly salvaged corpse of Christina. Luckily, the Baron is also a pioneer in cosmetic surgery, and under the faithful hands of Dr. Hertz (the Baron's hands are burned) is able to transform Christina into a beautiful blond bombshell. As she now harbors the vengeful soul of Hans, Christina is able to use her seductive charm to kill the ones responsible for her father's and Hans' deaths. Not for all tastes, I personally love this movie think it gets better with repeated viewings. It's totally unconventional as far as "Frankenstein" films go, and it takes a director like Fisher, an actor like Cushing and a screenwriter like Anthony Hinds to make it succeed on every level. Hind's script wastes no opportunity at overlapping a number of morbid sequences (two executions, a murder, a suicide, and the Baron's unworldly experiments) to lead up to the third act, which involves Christina's revenge on the three antagonists. Add other bizarre circumstances such as Christina carting around Hans' severed head as inspiration for vengeance, and later conversing to herself in his voice, and you have a satisfying horror tale to say the least. Fisher was always quoted as saying that Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed was his favorite film because of the "love story" aspect of it, but Frankenstein Created Woman is arguably his most romance-driven effort. The relationship between Hans and Christina is what brings the story to the predicament that it's in, and Christina's unexpected discovery of her lover's beheading, followed by her own suicide, is one of the director's most powerful scenes. Although he's given less to do here then in the other Frankenstein films, Cushing is awesome to watch in every motion and every shred of dialogue. He's kinder than usual this time, even displaying moments of concern for the young leads when their lives are at stake, but Cushing plays him cold, chauvinistic and determined, giving the impression that any warmth he expresses is only to boost his personal goals (such as in the closing moments of the film). His refusal to accommodate the newly revived, confused Christina's request for a mirror is a brilliantly subdued example of his true character. Although Polish-born Susan Denberg only had several other acting assignments (including the "I Mudd" episode of Star Trek and the Stuart Whitman vehicle, An American Dream) and got the job because of her spread in Playboy (often the only requirement to star in a Hammer Horror), she excels in the role. Even though another actress dubbed her voice, she convincingly changes from innocent, suicidal ugly duckling to confused, suicidal and possessed beauty. But the performances are great all around; from Robert Morris' gentle yet easily enraged Hans to Thorley Walter's intoxicated, bumbling Dr. Hertz, whose fatherly kinship with Christina presents some of the film's most touching moments. A great film and worth checking out for first time viewers and well worth another look for those who have seen it

Ricardo O (ag) wrote: Loved it! Great western by the master of the genre, John Ford. His first part of his cavalry trilogy. It is my opinion that this is better than the third part, Rio Grande, but not as great as the second part, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. A must see for fans of Ford, Wayne and Fonda. 9/10

Aubrey B (fr) wrote: I wish I hadn't found out.

Andres G (ag) wrote: unwatchable. the premise its that a jumper can go back to a place once they visited it. so you need to loose half of your life going to places in the world to then be able to go back into. the protagonist jumps to so many different places in the world that apparently there is few spots missing from his jumping places.