Goal! The Dream Begins

Goal! The Dream Begins

The movie follows Santiago Muñez, a extremely talented footballer. But living in the Barrios section of Los Angeles makes his dream far away from his reach. Until one day an extraordinary turn of events has him trying out for Premiership club Newcastle United. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Goal! The Dream Begins torrent reviews

Allan W (nl) wrote: I thought it was fantastic.

Tico P (nl) wrote: Moronic shite for the mentally retarded like me. Plot: An expedition heads into an island in the pacific to seek out an endangered species of an arachnid. The Arachnid has cocooned most of the island and kills off everybody one by one. Sounds terrible ... it is. But still it's kind of fun in a trashy way. Me & the wife were hungover in the mood for cheap thrills, then this popped up on cable. We laughed our asses off turning this whole mess of a production into a Mystery Science Theater charade, and actually enjoyed the whole thing. The acting is Shite, the story too predictable and the arachnid FX laughable. Frank Oz would have done a better job creating the ridiculous mechanical arachnid. Some of the dialogue is so bad, they should have been given a razzie: " Do you know how to handle a M 16? You better believe it baby." A man trapped in a cocoon dying says : "Even spiders go to heaven." Ha ha ha The female protagonist spends most of the time running around with big guns imitating Ripley from the Alien films. She gets stuck in a cave, finds a huge nest of eggs and kills the Demon Alien Arachnid with a blow dart. The whole thing is ripped off straight out of Alien, but made me and my wife laugh out loud. Made by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna's production company, it still has a charming B factor to it, but by no means any quality. Directed by Jack Sholder of "The Hidden" fame. Save your money and wait for it to pop up on cable.

Christopher C (ag) wrote: All the negative reviews are clearly from non musicians or people who have no interest what so ever. I on the other hand live for the 80's, am I singer myself, and this movie is the most inspirational movie I have ever seen. It shows the true life of a "rock star". The very fact that it IS just "sex, drugs and rock n roll" is the thing that tears into Chris. Highly recommended for anyone with interest in rock music or people who want to be singers. This movie MADE me love the 80's.

Kellie L (fr) wrote: i remember this film being a lot better when i was twelve...

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Havent seen yet. Looks like it could be watchable.

Michael H (es) wrote: Some beautiful shots capturing the style of early silent films. The story, though, is a mess; perplexing in a most tedious way. I admire the ambition, but suggest that there are better uses of one's time than watching this.

Martin T (gb) wrote: Road movies are intrinsically about the journey and not the destination, so the fact that this movie meanders a lot didn't bother me. As an Americana-laced voyage of self-discovery, I view it as a precursor to Paris, Texas but not as irritating. There are a few annoying bits, primarily when Wenders seems to be getting overly snotty about American culture or tries to find a cute moment with Alice, but they're few and far between. Like most Wenders films, it's kind of underwhelming, but pleasant.

Mark E (fr) wrote: It may suffer from many of the restrictions of a film made in the 60's but overall this is a corking film whose real star is the soundtrack.

Sarah A (us) wrote: Crazy! But pretty good movie in Alien series.

Adriana P (kr) wrote: Funny at times, deep at times...I liked it overall.

Troy K (fr) wrote: I thought it was pretty good until I realized it wasn't.

Alexandre B (au) wrote: Meilleur que le volet Salvation (grce la prsence d'Arnold, surtout)