God Damn Religion

God Damn Religion

“For centuries, man has used organized religion to control the hearts and minds (not to mention the pocketbooks) of the ignorant masses. Well, Richard Bishop has decided he would like a piece of the action. This film is a diabolical experiment in hypnotic mind control—a phantasmagoric presentation of demonic and divine imagery, meticulously assembled and designed to put the viewer into an altered state of darkened awareness. If you ever wanted to go to hell and back, this film will get you halfway there. Some viewers may find the imagery used in this film to be disturbing, but that’s the idea. Contains some strong sexual content (as all true religion should). Not for the weak-minded, faint of heart, or those suffering from occasional seizures.”

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Jack W (ru) wrote: Funny and, at times, touching and heartfelt.

Mark F (es) wrote: Top film that's why the SAS are the best

familiar s (ru) wrote: Oddly enough, Mr. Bojangles is spared of any footage whatsoever!! Leans the guilt on Terry Hobbs as Paradise Lost 2 did to Mark Byers. Offers nothing deep, instead only Depp.

Forrest A (es) wrote: doesnt look promising

Nadeem M (ru) wrote: Pretty funny film with a serious side too, about a group of immigrants who are brought to Australia with the belief that they are being given an easy road to Perth, but find that it is anything but. They end up having to trek through the desert in a bid to survive and find the life they were expecting to get.

Nandan T (ag) wrote: A rat aspires to become a chef! Good story, animation and likable characters. Recommended!


Rob S (fr) wrote: I feel like I have to keep in mind this is one of Scorsese's earliest films since this film was such a bore to me. I thought I would be intrigued with what the film would have in store for me after the intro to the film before the credits. Harvey Keitel's voice-over which ties redeeming sins in with his life on the "mean streets."After the credits we are introduced to the four main characters of the film via titles. Robert De Niro plays a goof ball gangster who is unreliable and is often late on payments. This sets up a few fights/confrontations really well, so Johnny Boy can be viewed as a driving force of the film.Other than this, the film just kind of plays out however the plot seems fit. Keitel's character has a "secret" romance that doesn't seem to go anywhere important, and shows tension in his character's life. Ultimately, Keitel and De Niro manage to make enemies out of friends and end up in trouble at the film's finale. This is honestly all I can take away from the film; there isn't really a story and I don't connect with any characters. It has a nice aesthetic but that is about it.

Nicola M (fr) wrote: I love this in the theatre, have seen it about 3 times. Can't wait to see it on the scene, only hope they have kept the edge and not 'glamed' it up for the big screen to much

Damjan R (us) wrote: Suspenseful and atmospheric, stylish and dramatic, this story of the French Resistance during WW2 pulls no punches and gives us a glimpse into a time when hope was at times in short supply, and despite that absence, sacrifices were made and bravery triumphed. Melville directs a precise and rich frame, and with great performances from the lead actors the film tells its story with maximum dramatic impact. While it does feature slower story sections, the plot never loses track of what's at stake here, and every detour from the main road features eventful characters and visual flourishes.

Nik B (ag) wrote: What? He's a musician and a race car driver and some women are fighting for him while some guy wants him to make money for him. His band is his pit crew. He sings a song called "Smorgasbord". I finished it, though.

Robert G (es) wrote: Powerful Film! New life for this old film with the New Repugnant assault of Labor!

Arjun A (de) wrote: It liked the movie, but Grendel was just painful to look at, it hurt my soul to see something so ugly, the movie picked up from this horror in the second half, and I came out pretty satisfied.