God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl

Eve is a catastrophe—low on self-esteem but high on fantasy, especially when it comes to music. Over the course of one Glasgow summer, she meets two similarly rootless souls: posh Cass and fastidious James, and together they form a group.

God Help The Girl is a mixed film between musical and comedy. The film was highly appreciated by the experts due to the gentle story, which was about the life of a young teenage girl, who was always busy with social relationships, her first love and other things. Actually. this is worth being seen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (nl) wrote: Never been a big fan of Frankie Valli's music, and maybe that's why this didn't really grab me -- although I enjoyed the Bollywood-like number at the end!

Johnny M (kr) wrote: A different approach to the idea of love

Arthur P (it) wrote: Very, very impressive musical doc showcasing David Byrne and the rest of Talking Heads at there best in an awesome performance and love how the musical instruments and group members come slowly and performances build bigger and bigger truly amazing, and the best concert film I've ever seen.Also Byrne coming out first to a boombox and playing "Psycho Killer" was so sick.

Jason R (us) wrote: Bizarre (almost so bad it is good) adaptation of Gore Vidal's novel. It supposibly was a production nightmare, and Gore Vidal disowned it. The movie is very camp and has some interesting stuff about "old Hollywood" versus the Hollywood of the late sixties and early seventies, but for the most part it tries too hard to push the genderbending "freaky" aspect (which seems desparate and forced at points). Some of the style of the film is nice and other parts are obnoxious. The movie is often interspersed with clips of old movies which almost seems now like a Naked Gun gag. It also has early appearances by Farrah Fawcett and Tom Selleck.

Scott D (kr) wrote: I am watching all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies in order, this was #5. This might be my least favorite one so far, and the first 4 were not good movies. How this movie has a sequel and reboot (that is somehow worse than the original) is a mystery. It's Arnold's first starring role, but he really doesn't say much, and most of the plot doesn't make any sense. James Earl Jones is some sort of evil snake (literally) and Conan and his friends have to kill him for a bunch of reasons. That's the best I can do here. I guess if you are going to watch one of the Conan movies it would be this one, but unless you are Schwarzenegging like I am, don't bother.

william m (nl) wrote: Starts as a Tarantino crime film, and ends with Rodriguez vampire nightmare fuel.

Brett M (br) wrote: My family and I really enjoyed this very cleverly- executed movie and the cast was amazing! Don't miss this one at the theater or on Direct TV.

Scott W (fr) wrote: A cheap, hoky Blade Runner/ Terminator rip-off with a sense of humour and a heart.

Joey S (mx) wrote: A pretty good film that will scare the wimps easily.

Dro B (it) wrote: Awesome action movie

Tanner B (br) wrote: Singin' in the Rain (1952) C-102m. ???? D: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly. The greatest (and most entertaining) movie musical of all-time. Silent film production company and its cast make a difficult transition to sound; Kelly, O'Connor, Reynolds, and especially Hagen are all first-rate. An American classic in every respect, with songs "Good Morning", "All I Do Is Dream of You", and title tune the highlights. Simply wonderful.