God on Trial

God on Trial

In the Jewish tradition of arguing with God, Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz decide to put God on Trial.

Awaiting their inevitable deaths at one of the worst concentration camps, a group of Jews make a rabbinical court to decide whether G-d has went against the holy covenant and if He is the one guilty for their suffering. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne T (br) wrote: Funny and charming. It is rare that I see a film with a character I really don't like and bit by bit come to love that person over the course of the film. Deftly drawn.

BellaRay (au) wrote: Randy Spelling. Pass!

Joseph S (us) wrote: This movie wasn't exactly the greatest movie ever but Cliff Robertson did a good job acting and I thought the gore was decent but overall the film is a 5 outta 10.

Marco F (ca) wrote: I simply do not understand why people thought Tom Green was funny or why people believed in him. FREDDY GOT FINGERED is really an in-depth exploration of what must go on in Green's mind. It is one of the weirdest, most bizarre movies I've seen- and definitely one of the worst and least pleasant films, too. This film is basically made up of punchlines that have no setup, and it is really a reel of Green doing disgusting things just, I believe, for gross-out effect. The movie has no setup, either. Just a bunch of random scenes edited together, really. There isn't a story here, either. There is a description of the plot, but it makes absolutely no sense- its only written in that way to do as many gross-out gags as possible, no matter how much sense the overall story construction makes. And to add insult to injury- none of this shock humor (which has been done very well by other people before) is funny. I didn't laugh once during this movie- not once. I was in pain while watching it. Green plays an aspiring animator named Gord who, for some reason or another, is a weird, deeply unpleasant being. There are pointless and excuriating scenes in this movie like Gord licking the exposed bone of a friend's leg after he broke it while skateboarding, skinning a deer and then running around wearing its bloody carcass, pulling a newborn baby out of its mother's womb and swinging it around by its umblical cord, spraying people with elephant semen, and trying to dive into a toilet while wearing snorkeling gear. Do you see what I am getting at here? Didn't think so. This film is so unpleasant to watch, you might as well watch car wrecks edited together, or women being raped, or something.Green clearly does not have the skill to understand how storytelling mechanics work- the film is spectularly incompetent in its execution on almost every level. The way most of these scenes are staged is so inept and so clumsy- one scene just rolls into another for no apparent reason and things just happen for no apparent reason. Certain actions are done, and not explained or built upon. Even the cinematography, editing and the set design are all awkward and non-sensical. But I imagine the people involved had a difficult time understanding what they were supposed to do here- I would have. Green was one of the weirdest comics I've seen perform. His MTV show was original, but not that funny. I didn't take to it that much. But in terms of outright badness, his show pales in comparison (and about 99.95% of all movies ever released to the public) to FREDDY GOT FINGERED. It is utterly sickening, repulsively worthless trash. It's hard to believe a major Hollywood release like this could be this vile. Thankfully, Tom Green's career never really recovered from this catastrophe- and thankfully so. This is ground zero of comedies, a spectacularly abysmal, completely uninvolving waste of time.

Jeff M (ag) wrote: This movie is 10 years old. Simmer said it was funny. It was more uncomfortable than funny. "Everybody around here is ignorant. "

Matthew R (gb) wrote: Dark, innovative, only for adults. Those are the major things that describes Michael Schaack's animated opus Felidae. The film mixes a classic film noir formula with mass murder, cult activities, large ranges of gore and surreal horrific nightmares and some raunchy sex all from the perspective of a society of cats. Though I would love to mention the English voice cast by name to really say how well of a job each one did, the interesting thing is that the English-speaking cast for this film is largely unknown, since they were never added to the credits. But besides this, the animation is much like that of hybrid of Don Bluth's An American Tail and Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat, with its own unique vibe. The story moves surprisingly well, the narration is reminiscent of Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity with a feline twist, the characters are enjoyable and three-dimensional and the interlacing of genetics, breeding, scientific experimentation (especially on animals) and the complexity of the unknown to really make something as childish as a talking cat to really treat its audience with respect to their intelligence. Not only this, the jokes are actually pretty amusing and the dialogue is never really forced, usually something very evident in much of animated films in general. All in all, one of the best and most overlooked animated movies of the 1990s World Animation Renaissance.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Fred Williamson is again in fine form as a Chicago cop protecting a photographer from a biker gang. I only wish the Italian production values were as good. Fred's handling of negotiations with criminals holding hostages is not to be missed.

Marylew B (ca) wrote: Boring. I turned it off it was so slow~

Kalyan R (au) wrote: a great copy of a old telugu movie...but turned out better than the telugu version...harshad varsi is hilarious

Taylor G (de) wrote: no idea of wat that is

TODD W (mx) wrote: Haven't we seen this before? Yet another movie about AI robots gone rogue. However, the cast was good and tried to keep this Terminator meets Predators pic afloat!