God's Waiting List

God's Waiting List

A gritty, heartfelt drama about a brother and sister who both start out with the American Dream of running their own business and being successful. Teresa goes about this dream in a good ...

A gritty, heartfelt drama about a brother and sister who both start out with the American Dream of running their own business and being successful. Teresa goes about this dream in a good ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (ca) wrote: Despite the low budget feeling, it's actually pretty interesting and fun.

WS W (br) wrote: By sharing & handling almost the exact same subject as well as story backdrop of (Heading South), which turns out a little bit better & slightly more interesting.

Sam E (fr) wrote: Has alot more potential.

Alejandro E (br) wrote: Clint Eastwood pre-Gravity with four grouchy but determinate brave old men maybe not one of his best ideas but the accurate dose of humor and suspense makes it a good choice for a saturday afternoon

Justin H (mx) wrote: Blending a courtroom thriller with the powerful drama of war, director William friedkin builds a solid character piece with outstanding performances from all its cast. While nothing original, it fights and succeeds as one of the most memorable.

Leigh B (ru) wrote: I just found this movie on Netflix because I am on a Jared Leto kick. I saw this movie opening weekend with my sis and loved it. I remember loving the slow build up and the time taken to see the characters. I honestly believe it has held up well over the years. I was just as intrigued to see it again as I was the first time. I remembered some but the it was fun to see what parts I remembered well. All the cast did a stellar job.

John B (ca) wrote: Love the fight scenes not too happy about the story but it's Jet Li.

Leslie D (de) wrote: Bloodsucking humanoid aliens set up camp in a small town and drain teenagers. Wild 80s time capsule with big hair, goofy space suits, gritty torture porn, untamed sex and a impressive B-cast.

Troy M (de) wrote: This controversial film has torture and rape scenes, male and female nudity (including male and female full frontal). This film is twisted and semi-pornographic.

Christian V (es) wrote: Absolutely genius, and addicting.

Paul D (ru) wrote: For a movie that really doesn't have any dialog, I found it to be enjoyable. It is kind of silly, but it has a sense of humor to it as well that I kind of got a kick out of. It won't be for everyone, but most kids will probably like it.

Steven N (mx) wrote: Were it not for a fairly funny little bit of comedy by Patton Oswalt, chances are that I would never have heard of of the movie "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats," and without a doubt I wouldn't have ever gone out of my way to see it, even if I had actually heard of it. The film was written and directed by a a guy named George Barry in the seventies and man-o-man does it feel seventies. Bad seventies. Really bad seventies. Bell bottoms, naked hippy chicks, terrible sound, even more terrible music, a script that come across more like something half dreamed during a bad acid trip rather than a coherent thought, everything you would expect from a terrible, low budget seventies film is featured prominently. The story is about a bed that very literally eats people. Grabs them with sheets, drags them downward into pee colored acids and dissolves away their flesh. There's a whole lot of nonsensical side stories thrown in there as well, but the bed and the eating is the focal point. (I can't believe I just typed that sentence.) If you're going to watch this movie, you're going to watch it for a laugh, because it's pretty terrible. Scratch that, it's absolutely, mind-numbingly terrible. So terrible that it's worth a viewing? Maybe. I kept expecting the 'Mystery Science Theater" bots to pop up on the bottom of the screen and when they don't I ended up providing commentary myself, which was sort of fun. Well, more fun than anything the movie was giving me anyway.