God Send Me a Man

God Send Me a Man

A stage play about a young lady in her 20's who keeps dating the wrong men, her friends and family try to make her see what she's doing wrong but she learns on her own that that the man she really needed was right in front of her the whole time.

A stage play about a young lady in her 20's who keeps dating the wrong men, her friends and family try to make her see what she's doing wrong but she learns on her own that that the man she... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (it) wrote: Feels like a waste of decent actors on two dimensional and ultimately, boring film with seemingly no narrative oversight. Not worth the time.

Edward C (ca) wrote: Drag Me To Hell(2009)Starring:Alison Lohman,Justin Long,Lorna Raver,Dileep Rao,David Paymer,Adriana Barraza,Chelcie Ross,Reggie Lee,Molly Cheek,Bojana Novakovi?,Kevin Foster,and Jay GordonDirected By:Sam RaimiReviewCHRISTINE BROWN HAS A GOOD JOB, A GREAT BOYFRIEND, AND A BRIGHT FUTURE. BUT IN THREE DAYS, SHE'S GOING TO HELL.Hello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here and well he's going to try and keep this brief. This is one of the scariest films I have ever experienced. It's like sinister scary but to be quite honest I think this is scarier just because of the ending. I saw this film because I'm a big fan of Sam Raimi,he's given two of my favorite trilogies of all time.The film revolves around a woman named Christine Brown who has a lovely boyfriend,good job and has a bright future ahead of her,until one day after not giving an elderly woman the extension she needed to stay in her home she curses her and in three days Christine will go to hell.The plot while probably not realistic makes for a scary time. It's one of the most screwed up movies I've seen since paranormal activity 3 and sinister. I believe the theme of this film would be to enjoy life for as long as you have it.The acting is very good, I love the woman who played Christine and hope to see more of her in the future. The rest of the supporting cast is great in their roles. Sam Raimi knows how to direct actors who aren't too well known.All of the elements of a scary movie are present from beginning to end. I hear there might be a sequel,I think I heard that a long time ago,If so I'll see it because I highly recommend this scary flick. I give Drag me to HELL a four out of five stars.

Kristen P (au) wrote: Robert Rodriguez shows his mad skills in this genre, & Rose McGowan is perfectly cast.

Jerome J (fr) wrote: about how much your parents hate u they still love u

Mike C (kr) wrote: Was not aware of this on its theatrical release. Good story and well cast.

Paul J (ag) wrote: A fascinating exploration of L.A. portrayed in cinema. The film uses dozens of interesting film clips (Blade Runner, Chinatown, LA Confidential, etc.) combined with many crappy films as well. It does a good job in creating a specific identity with L.A. that often gets overlooked because audiences around the world associate it with Hollywood. The portrayal of various ethnic groups and the police force is particularly fascinating,

Brian R (fr) wrote: Chasing Papi is a good film but sometimes it tries too hard to be too funny yet the humour stays within it's boundries. I notice all the women in this film even the TV news reporter are all sexy like they never can look ugly or natural in their lifetimes. The premise of the story of three beautiful women on a journey looking for a handsome Latino stud sounds kinda stupid but actually the cast pulls it off and I was interested in their weird quest in search for love. I heart for Roselyn Sanchez.

Taylor D (ru) wrote: Very good. Not the best. But very good.

Becky B (it) wrote: I know it's a stupid cheesy and predictable teen movie, but I love it.

Net S (jp) wrote: A good solid film all round, some great film making and beautiful scenery.

Ian C (de) wrote: A trip down memory lane. I loved this as a teenager. The father is the balls and his Dolemite quotes and planned night in watching Rudy Ray Moore marathon. The bad guys are a bunch of gimps but a good laugh.

Lisa J (mx) wrote: I watched this so long ago.

Darren G (gb) wrote: I finally saw this oldie for the first time a few years ago - and ever since, one thing continues to trouble me about 'Shalako'. Why does everyone - from authors of several movie-books I've read to my fellow Facebook reviewers here - continue to put this movie down? I thoroughly enjoyed 'Shalako'. It's a fun '60s Western with a story that's a little different, some great scenery, and - most of all - an amazing cast. There's even a great theme-song which is now stuck in my head as I type this, and even some moments that are quite powerful (the death-scene of one of the major characters has haunted me ever since). Although by no means a classic, 'Shalako' is unjustly maligned.

Tyson P (it) wrote: lol omg wtf pretty terrible yet i managed to watch the whole thing.....weird