God v. Satan: The Final Battle

God v. Satan: The Final Battle

Christians, Jews and Muslims believe there will a final battle between God and Satan. Believers and scholars are interviewed. Artwork and staged reenactments depict the end times.

Christians, Jews and Muslims believe there will a final battle between God and Satan. Believers and scholars are interviewed. Artwork and staged reenactments depict the end times. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


God v. Satan: The Final Battle torrent reviews

Michael K (au) wrote: Not bad but you need to truly enjoy documentaries to get through it all

Ben H (fr) wrote: Watch this ONLY late at night, with a bunch of friends, and with the sole purpose of making fun of a bad movie. In those circumstances, it's fantastic.

Stephen J (br) wrote: Extremely underrated movie.

Jenn T (es) wrote: Reminded me of Tarantino style which I enjoyed. Excellent cast, a lot of it was over acting but that was part of the style (Evil Dead)

Chyrron B (ru) wrote: Akeelah and the Bee (2006), centers around eleven year old Akeelah Anderson who has a gift for spelling. But because of her tough neighborhood, Akeelah is reluctant to display her gift. The school has a spelling bee and Akeelah places first. During this time she meets Dr. Larabee, an English professor and former spelling bee champ. Under his guidance, Akeelah improves her spelling techniques and wins the state championship. During this time, her mother has no idea that Akeelah has competed in spelling bees(TM). When she eventual finds out she is angry not only because Akeelah was being deceitful, but because Akeelah has been failing in school and needs to focus more on her grades. Akeelah convinces her mother to let her compete and she whens the national spelling bee.

Steve N (it) wrote: Wretched bottom-dweller of a "comedy" has three frat guys passing themselves off in drag as sorority girls while attempting to recover incriminating evidence that could get them kicked out of school. It doesn't speak well of the girls in the sorority who spend practically every waking hour (and few not so waking) with these toe rags and never catch on. After a protracted amount of time setting up the plot, the film then for-all-intents-and-purposes abandons it for practically the entire second act while establishing the guises for the frat clowns and wandering off on clumsy exposition wherein the guys get first-hand experience of life as a girl at the hands of predatory frat boys. The departure is so long, in fact, that when the film finally decides to return to the plot, you've largely forgotten why they adopted the disguises in the first place. Witless filmmaking in spades.

Sherri R (br) wrote: classic Rex Harrison

Russell G (mx) wrote: When you look down the cast list and see a group of average NBA players doing a lot of the acting you have to temper your expectations. Whoopi Goldberg is fine and it is even a good bit of fun to have the pro basketball players in the cast but the plot is not as strong and the movie is completely missing the energy and comedic punch that could have made this work. Frank Langella is an accomplished actor but impulsive cowboy billionaire is hardly the role for him and he hurts the movie as well. I wish less time had spent on seeing how bad the Knicks were in the beginning and more time developing the players and making comedy out of how they interact and come together as a team.. The ending, which was about being a true fan and sticking by your team, even if it was completely ridiculous. I mean come on! Were the Knicks really going to move to St. Louis?

Mike B (br) wrote: Really entertaining, with a great, twisty plot. Feels like U-Turn without the perverted stuff, and with a better plot. This and Leaving Las Vegas are Cage's best performances.

aaron w (mx) wrote: Is it my favorite movie of all time...no. Is it the best of all time, yea probably

Pedro A (mx) wrote: Apesar de lhe faltar um pouco de ritmo est repleto de ideias, personagens e msicas delirantes.

Aaron N (it) wrote: While nobody can argue about how repulsive and unnecessary the animal cruelly is, this is still a well made film. The gore is undeniably effective, the cinematography is fantastic(introducing the found footage style) and the social commentary while hypocritical at points is still very unique and relevant to this day

Martina S (nl) wrote: Impresionante... pronto: "Ensayo de un crimen"

Jose C (mx) wrote: It was ok. Will never watch again.

Gil M (es) wrote: Is there a zero star option? Guess not. You've been warned! The WORST horror film since Troll 2.

Lenora M (br) wrote: I have a soft spot for his movie because I watched it when I was young and in school although I can't say it's my favorite. I do love the beautiful settling.